AN-01 Raising the Inner Circles of the Tower of Light of AN

The Center of the Tower of Light of AN was originally planned to be raised 15 cm (6 in) above the ground.

Here is the drawing, that we handed to Maestro German for building the Center:


Unfortunately, the finished circle is about 25 cm (10 in) above the grass.


This gives the center the wrong feeling, as the top of the center should be easily seen from the outside circles.

We considered the possibility of lowering the center by 10 cm, but very likely the mosaic would break trying this method.

The alternative idea is to raise the ground around the inner five circles by 11 cm (4 in) and build a step upwards after the 6th circle.

In comparison the result would look like this:


The inner part of the Tower of Light of AN right now (July 2017)


The inner part of the Tower of Light of AN raised up about 10-15 cm (4-6 in)

The magenta stripe in the second picture is just for making it clearer, where the new step would be inserted. It would be made of stones in their natural color.

Although we originally considered the too high center as a “mistake”, we now see that raising the inner circles is absolutely perfect. This brings the design of the Tower of Light of AN closer to how it is meant to be and will greatly magnify the energies.

When we do this, we will also reset the river rock circles in the Tower of Light by setting them in cement. This will keep them in position, (so they aren’t knocked out of place by dogs and hoses), and they won’t need to be weeded.

We need to finish this project by the beginning of October.


  • Remove the stone circles 1 to 5.
  • Carefully remove the grass circles so they can be put back on the raised part.
  • Add dirt into the area between the center and the 5th circle of 11 cm (4 in) in height.
  • Add a river rock step inside the 6th circle that is stable enough to step on.
  • Make sure the dirt is compact, so it does not sink in, when we dance inside the inner circles.
  • On the raised part: put back the stone circles 1 to 5 and the saved grass.
  • We also want to cement the river rocks in all the circles so they won’t need to be removed and weeded each month.

The estimate for the work  including workers and materials for this project is from $450 – 800.

AN-01 Raising the Inner Circles of the Tower of Light of AN




raised of a $800.00 goal

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