In this blog we keep you updated with the Heart of AN

The Flowering of the Heart of AN!

March 7, 2018
The flowers at AN•Wasi have grown profusely this year.

The rainy season in Peru always makes everything so lush and green, while a profusion of flowers are blooming everywhere! We love seeing the fire blackened hills next to us turn green and transform into vibrant new life. This mirrors what is happening within us as well. Roberto has made great progress doing needed maintenance [ Read More…. ]

The Activation of the Tower of Light of AN in May 2017 – the Movie

March 3, 2018
The grass is growing quickly within the inner five circles of the Tower of AN.

Here we show the Highlights of last year’s Activation of the Tower of Light of AN Come to our events in 2018:

Integration at the Heart of AN!

February 23, 2018
Another gorgeous double rainbow near the Heart of AN!

February is a concentrated month in which we are integrating the massive waves of energy that have been coming in since the beginning of January. Most of the time, everything flows, yet sometimes the Surf can be quite choppy and challenging. And then there are the times when the energies soar completely Off the Map! [ Read More…. ]

On an Expanded New Level at the Heart of AN!

February 2, 2018
We've been experiencing so many rainbows and other auspicious signs lately. Here's a beautiful double rainbow right next to the Heart of AN. (The photo is taken from in front of our woodshed / carport.)

January has been a very full month. A day after Emanaku’s family departed from their precious, super fun visit, Cecilia from Arequipa arrived to stay for four nights at AN•Wasi. We also had a whirlwind, but high spirited, visit with Roxana and Alecia of Mexico which we greatly enjoyed. 2018 feels completely different from the [ Read More…. ]

The New Reality of AN ~ visible ~

January 30, 2018
Here's the AN•Labyrinth when it was half done. The difference is stunning and the magenta light of AN is already pouring in! It feels like the AN•Labyrinth has been reborn on a totally new level. Photo by Keenuane.

Watch how the New Reality manifests at the Tower of Light of AN:

Shifting Gears at the Heart of AN!

January 16, 2018
Magenta light over the AN•Chakana. Photo by Keenuane.

This has been a busy past week at the Heart of AN. On Friday, Emanaku’s son Johannes arrived with his family for their first visit to Peru! Of course, Emanaku is totally in love with his new Grand daughter Antonia! Having them here is a Beyond your Wildest Dreams occurence and makes us very happy. [ Read More…. ]

Into the New True Year at the Heart of AN!

January 6, 2018
On December 16, we had our World Treasures Pop-up Sale at Viva Peru Cafe. It was a lot of work and much fun. Plus, we finally were able to meet some of our neighbors!  Photo by Keenuane.

The last two weeks of December were super busy and much was accomplished here. The area around the Tower of Light of AN is now full of luscious grass and looks gorgeous. The energy is absolutely stunning! On December 16th, we had our World Treasures Pop Up Sale at the Viva Peru Cafe and made [ Read More…. ]

Solara’s Surf Report for the Year 2018 – Living Our Mastery

January 2, 2018

Please, find Solara’s Surf Report for 2018 here:

Preparing for the New Year at the Heart of AN!

December 18, 2017
Native flowers in the area of the AN•Chakana. If you look carefully at the tree behind the two bunches of flowers on the left, you might see how magenta geraniums have now grown up the tree. They are so beautiful! Photo by Keenuane.

The past few weeks have been full of activity here. We’ve spent much of our time preparing for our huge World Treasures Sale which was held last Saturday at Viva Peru, a local cafe. And we happily raised enough money to reprint the Cards of AN! Now, we just have to find the right printer. [ Read More…. ]

More Beautiful Every Day at the Heart of AN!

November 26, 2017
Magenta light pours into the Heart of AN on November 17. Photo by Keenuane.

Yes, it’s truly becoming more beautiful here every single day. The energy of the New Reality of AN is becoming increasingly visible and it feels amazing! Yesterday, Germán and his crew finished their work here, The work originally began on September 11 and was supposed to take a few weeks. This included several weeks off [ Read More…. ]