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Alpacas Everywhere at the Heart of AN!

June 26, 2018
It's winter here in Peru and it's a colder one than usual.

June has been a month of recovery time for us at the Heart of AN. On June 8th, we finally got our car, La Perla back from the repair shop. She had been gone for three weeks and it feels so much better to have her home with us. We had a one night visit, [ Read More…. ]

Immersion Into AN – Part Four (of Four)

June 15, 2018
The morning after our ceremony, Nima and Tawa check out the Countries of the World. The way that the river rocks had been placed between the eleven rays felt like they were codes. Photo by Merrilyn.

• THE FINAL DAY • KAYUMARIS AND TRUE ONES • On our last morning together, we went as One True Being to the Tower of AN. Our Drums of AN again issued the Call. “We are here! We call forth our Family of AN to join with us. We are birthing the New Reality of [ Read More…. ]


June 13, 2018
For his birthday, lucky Sebastian was beautifully serenaded with "Las Mañanitas" by Consuelo and her charango.

• WORK PARTIES • THE COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD • The next few days passed quickly. We made a quick visit to the Chinchero Market for the sake of those who hadn’t been here the first week. We spent an afternoon in various work parties, getting much accomplished. We love the work parties and have [ Read More…. ]

Immersion Into AN – Part Two

June 10, 2018
In the afternoon of our second day, we surprised everyone with the gift of a special drum. Here, Merrilyn is receiving her drum. We are especially grateful to her for her gracious donation to help us buy the drums.

• THE DRUMS OF AN • In the afternoon of our second day, we presented everyone with a surprise gift of a Drum of AN. These were very special drums which were made for us in another area of Peru. Next, we went out to separate places upon the land with our drums so we [ Read More…. ]

Immersion Into AN – Part One

June 9, 2018
During the final days of our Cards of AN Class, our much loved car, La Perla, had a major breakdown. On our "free" day between events, Emanaku accompanied the tow truck with Perla to Cuzco where she could be repaired.

• THE SACRED FIRE • THE AN•LABYRINTH • and • ALPACA HERDING! • After the Cards of AN Master Class was over, Lucia, Mina and Alberto departed and eight new people arrived! Ankasha from Mexico and Consuelo from the US and Chile came to serve as our new Spanish Translators. Then there was the absolutely [ Read More…. ]

The Cards of AN Master Class at the Heart of AN!

June 5, 2018
~ A Timeless True World~ The Heart of AN ~ A gentle Insertion Point of the New Reality in the midst of the simple Andean life.  Photo by Craig.

On May 17 – 21 we held our special Cards of AN Master Class. This year’s group was an especially brilliant one, coming from eleven countries. It was also super intense and deeply transformational. Everyone began with card readings from Solara, then we starting reading each other’s cards in the garden. We also enjoyed a [ Read More…. ]

Almost Ready at the Heart of AN!

May 15, 2018
The entrance to the Tower of AN is streaming with light and ready for our May Special Events!

The past few weeks have passed by in a blur of activity. There have been so many preparations we’ve been doing for our May Events here. Participants are coming for our events from Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, Germany, Mexico, Peru, UK, and the US. The super transformational, five day Cards of AN Master Class [ Read More…. ]

On the Fast Track at the Heart of AN!

April 28, 2018
The Alpacas of AN ~ Nima and Tawa ~ are super cute and always make us smile. We LOVE having them here.

Since our super sweet visitors left last Friday, we have been zooming along on the Fast Track, preparing for our Special Events in May. There are layers upon layers of things to do here. An almost impossible list of tasks, but Emanaku and I have leapt into action. There’s also the May Surf Report to [ Read More…. ]

The Alpacas of AN Explore the Heart of AN!

April 17, 2018
The Alpacas of AN have been busy exploring their new home.

Our new Alpacas of AN have been busy becoming familiar with their new home. We never know where they will appear. Antu’s name has been changed to Tawa since it goes better with Nima. (Tawa is the Hopi word for Sun and the Tibetan word for Moon, while Nima is the Hopi word for Moon [ Read More…. ]

The Arrival of the Alpacas of AN!

April 3, 2018
Gorgeous fuchsias outside AN•Wasi.

Last week we completed the AN•Labyrinth. Although, there are a few, somewhat strange parts, it looks, and feels, really good! Next, Roberto and Ascensión made and installed some new fence panels for the Tower of AN area. Now, they are creating our vegetable garden! I’ve been busy writing the April Surf Report and fortunately got [ Read More…. ]