Activation of the Tower of Light of AN ~ Part Two

The deep LOVE of AN is coming your way. Let it infuse your being. 
Photo by Keenuane.

Oct 19 - Oct 24



Part Two

• October 19 – 24, 2017 •

(in English y español)

 The Heart of AN
in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, Peru

Deep True Love, Strength, Courage, Compassion and Trueness. 
Photo by Anamani.

AN is the New Reality.

The Sun and Moon as One Being.

“The Towers of Light of AN

are located across the world
in the copper covered mountains

known as the An-tes.”
…. The Egyptian Book of the Dead


The Ancient Egyptian Heiroglyph for the Tower of Light of AN.


The first Activation of the Tower of Light of AN took place on May 22 – 25, 2017. This was an extremely timely and VERY REAL ceremony to anchor and expand the AN energies of the New Reality all over the planet.

This Activation greatly strengthened the creation of the much needed Third Point which is triangulating duality, enabling us to step out of the linear matrix of duality and shift reality systems.


Wondrous things happen when the 11:11 Family of AN
gathers together as ONE!

Until the much needed shift of reality systems takes place, we will be making deeper activations of the Tower of Light of AN at least twice a year. Each Activation will bring the energies of the New Reality of AN to a vastly expanded, truer level.

We strongly feel that in October, it will be time to deepen and expand the energies of the Tower of Light of AN. It will soon be obvious why this is so  greatly needed.

Our focus will be on entering the Timeless True Worlds that are now merging into the New Reality of AN ~ for they hold the key for fully inhabiting the New Reality.

We call to our Family of AN ~ strong hearted, True people ~ to physically join with us at the Heart of AN in Peru to further activate this vital Tower of Light of AN.

Almost to the center.

During our new Activation in October, we will be more fully anchoring the New Reality of AN into the physical Earth and manifesting the AN energies onto a new level. This will greatly strengthen the resonance of AN and expand it all over the planet so that increasing numbers of people can directly experience the energies of the New Reality.

We will be doing various practices and activities to immerse ourselves more  deeply into the Timeless True Worlds within the New Reality of AN. These Timeless True Worlds have been long forgotten, yet are deeply familiar. We may even visit the special, hidden, AN areas of an Inca site or two.

Part of our Activation Ceremony will be sitting in the circles within circles of the Tower of AN and singing our True Songs until they finally merge into the Song of One. And if we have enough Fire Roosters present, we will do another Fire Rooster Ceremony to wake up the world.

The Tower of Light of AN is ultra important since it is located at the Heart of AN itself. Activating it during these critical times will greatly strengthen and expand the New Reality to turn the tide upon this planet.

Working with the Tower of Light of AN in the Heart of the Heart of AN will be an unforgettable, life changing, transformational experience!

And even a rainbow!

Register here for the Activation of the Tower of Light of AN
(and receive a discount, when you also come to the
Transformation with the Cards of AN ~ Master Class)


Lodging Information and Prices are on the registration form.

Accomodation is available at the Heart of AN and the nearby hostal, Casita Huaran. It is always preferable to stay physically at the Heart of AN itself, whenever possible.


Breakfasts will be provided by the accomodation. Most lunches and dinners are included, except for when we decide to go out and eat at one of our favorite restaurants.

4 thoughts on “Activation of the Tower of Light of AN ~ Part Two”

  1. Ongralea says:

    Dearest Solara and Everyone in the Heart of AN,
    I didn’t want to be sad that I couldn’t come to the Tower of Light of AN Activation, so I continued, busy as ever here, singing wonderful songs with my core group of students in Taiwan and awakening the older groups by looking at Truth and speaking it.
    On May 23 there were 5 earthquakes in Chiayi, measuring over 5, the epicenter just a few kilometers away from my home! I had to be really centered in order to know what to do. The floor in my apartment was literally floating for 2 days. On May 23 my previous landlord-friend- rogue-penitent patient was getting into an ambulance the moment I arrive home. He has a very fast growing glioblastoma.
    I am amazed at how easy and smooth all of this has been. Instead of fleeing away New windows were installed in my apt. yesterday! My place feels larger, so
    does everything else!
    It still feels right to be Here ! Thank you So much for Activating the Tower of Light of AN! Amazing Energy these Worlds in Worlds. Jumping with Joy!

  2. Victoria Taylor says:


    I won’t be able to make it to Peru this year. I do want to tune in, however. I will remember to dust off my old cartouche of the Tower of An I bought over two and a half decades ago from you!

    I have been meaning to ask you for a very long time now…what books did you read or research (other than the Book of the Dead) regarding An? I have always wanted to know more.

    Thank you again! Your Facebook page is just wonderful.


  3. Solara says:

    Dearest Cris,
    We would be so happy if you can come to the Activation of the Tower of Light of AN!

    We are still putting all the costs together and the registration form will be online in a few days. I will send you an email very soon!

    Huge AN LOVE, Solara

  4. Hi dear Solara,

    I am considering to go to the Activation of the Tower of Light of AN and of course visit you and be physically at the Heart of AN, and would like to know the prices…including accomodations.
    Altough it seems impossible for me to do this right now, I want to move the energy so thinks can happen <3
    A dear friend of mine, Claudia Andrade, from São Paulo, would like to go too.

    Much love to you dear.

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