Transformation with the Cards of AN (October 2017) ~ Master Class


Oct 12 - Oct 16




October 12 – 16, 2017

In English.
Spanish and German translations are possible.



This is a very concentrated, intimate Master Class for those who wish to obtain greater mastery of Solara’s unique “Cards of AN” which  are a Living Interactive Tool to fully inhabit the New Reality. There are over 300 cards in four decks, plus a 152 page book.

We will have five days to learn the in-depth meanings of the cards, as well as how to most effectively read them for ourself and others. Solara will share the fascinating stories behind many of the cards. This is a highly recommended experience for those who wish to serve others and support themselves while doing it.


We will delve deeply into the vast meanings of the Cards of AN and incorporate them into our bodies through special physical exercises. We will sit as Silent Watchers and we will walk the Path of the Dragon, bringing transformation with every step.

Even if you don’t wish to become a Reader of the Cards for others, you will find this a profoundly transformative experience. Through numerous card readings over five days by Solara, Emanáku and others in the group, you will learn much about yourself and your new True Story will emerge.

You will align with your True Purpose and True Direction
in this intense and unique class.

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The Readers of the Cards of AN Master Class includes a special trip to the Sunday Market in the charming Inca village of Chinchero to find your perfect card reading cloth.


Five Days • US$ 500,  includes a set of the “Cards of AN”
all lunches and several dinners.

• If you already have your Cards of AN, the price is $450.

• If you have already participated in a Cards of AN
Master Class, there is an additional $100 discount.

Each Cards of AN Master Class requires a minimum of six people
and a maximum of ten people.

(We can also organize private Readers of the Cards of AN
Master Classes for groups)

Register here for this class
(Receive an additional discount when you also participate in the
Second Activation of the Tower of Light of AN. )

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