After the Activation of the Eleventh, and final Gate, of the 11:11 Doorway, we have found ourselves in the midst of the most incredible, full-scale transformation we have ever experienced.

The 11:11 Journey has shifted our entire beings, rearranged our priorities and moved us into the vastly expanded New Landscape of the Diamond of the Unseen. A totally New Reality is being born from our journey through the 11:11 Doorway, taking us to Newer and Truer levels of living and being.

The Heart of AN is now becoming visible….


The Heart of AN

The Heart of AN is the central core of AN which represents the sacred union of the Sun and Moon as One Being. AN represents a unique state of consciousness that is so Sublime and Real that it must be experienced to be fully understood.

When we position ourselves in the Heart of AN, we can live our Wildest Dreams and fulfill our True Purpose.


Our Vision
The Heart of AN
Centro de la Vida Verdadera

The sacred Andes Mountains of South America hold the strongest concentration of AN energy on the entire planet. It is here where the first Towers of Light of AN will begin to be activated. 

In June 2013, we purchased the first two pieces of land for the  Heart of AN in the Sacred Valley of the Inkas, Peru. The Heart of AN Center will function as a living example of consciously Living True Lives as True Ones in the New Reality. It will also be a peaceful haven for many of you to visit on personal retreats to replenish and recalibrate your energy.

The Heart of AN will host special events and in depth, advanced workshops with Solara and other AN Facilitators in several languages.  We also offer customized activities for tour groups or individuals who want to visit, personal readings with Solara’s amazingly alive and accurate “Cards of AN”, mandala workshops, 11:11 Sacred Dances & Mudras and classes in Andean weaving. All of our activities will take you to the truest places within yourself.

As we continue to expand the Heart of AN, it will eventually include several small casitas for visitors as well as a Sanctuary where we can hold workshops and special events so everyone may experience a full immersion into the New Reality. Our artisan studios will create unique products with the resonance of AN.  And we will be close enough to Quechua villages to interact with the people, offering them jobs on our various projects and classes for the children.

In the future, we see the Heart of AN blossoming into a community serving as a powerful anchor point of the New Reality for the whole planet.


The Call

It is now time to fully manifest the Heart of AN Center into the physical. This is a huge project and we can only do this with the help of our Family of AN. We are calling forth the Family of AN all over the world to help us create the Heart of AN.

To manifest our vision, we are in the process of raising the money to buy an adjoining piece of  land where we will build a circular Sanctuary in which to hold special workshops and classes.  The more money we can manifest, the more we can create.

Your donation to the Heart of AN is greatly needed and deeply appreciated.

This is an urgent call so that we can quickly manifest the next step of our True Purpose for the benefit of all.

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