AN-05 Reprint “The Cards of AN” & make new Card Bags – DONE

While we still have several hundred books for The Cards of AN, we are nearly out of  the actual Cards.


The printing process is a challenge for smaller printers (like the ones in the Sacred Valley and Cusco), because there are 332 cards within four decks in each complete Card Set. If we print 200 Card Sets, that is 66,400 individual cards!

The last time we had cards printed, at what was supposed to be the best printer in Cusco, many cards were defective or damaged. And since they were unable to presort them for us, we spent several weeks sorting them by hand at home!

This time we want to work with a more professional printer in Lima, where we will receive the right number of cards with a better quality, presorted into Card Sets, and hopefully less expensive!

We also need to have bags made for the new Card Sets. This entails buying several types of fabric, as well as the beaded sancarpas from the Q’eros which tie the bags shut, and paying for them to be sewn into bags.

AN-05 Reprint “The Cards of AN” & make new Card Bags – DONE




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