AN-06 Building River Rock Paths around the Tower of AN (Part One) DONE!

We have created river rock paths in several areas of the Heart of AN which we really love. They have a wonderful, natural energy and provide dry paths to walk upon during the rainy season. They are beautiful, practical and have a refined energy that is in harmony with the land and AN.

They flowed around the rocks that already lived there.

We would now like to create some river rock paths around the Tower of Light of AN. These river rock paths will not only make this area more beautiful, but will give us areas to walk on which don’t disturb the rye grass and red clover that we will be planting soon. Most importantly, they will help calibrate the area of the Tower of AN into an ever more refined energy and strengthen the resonance of AN.

We could either do this in three stages, or if the funds are available, we could do it all at once. Doing it all at once is preferable, since the river rock segments will flow into each other more effortlessly and we won’t have several prolonged periods with workers present in our most sacred area.

If we separate this into three projects, this is how we would do it:

A circular river rock path, about 50 cm / 20 inches wide, would be built outside the grass that surrounds the stones circles of the Tower of AN, as well as a path which would connect with the entrance to the land.  Estimated Cost for materials and labor = $1270.

PART TWO (AN-Project AN-12): DONE!
We would next make a river rock path going from the left of the entrance, going around the edge to the gate in the far corner. River rocks would go under the bench area on the left and under the benches in the back, to make these areas more beautiful.


In addition, we need to create a step in front of the entrance to this land, so it isn’t so steep. And put river rocks on the path to the right of the entrance which goes to a gate in the fence. Estimated Cost for materials and labor = $1560.


We would make a thin river rock path from the far gate on the left corner, across the back of the land and continuing to the entrance. This would give us a circular path that encompasses the entire land. We would also like to build a small octagon with built in seating, so there is somewhere to sit in the rain. Estimated Cost = $1570.


This is a relatively expensive project, but will be so worth it! It will greatly transform the energy there, give us paths which won’t disturb the plants and be so beautiful.

Estimated Costs:
We have a Master of River Rock Paths who charges $15.50 per meter for his work. He and his helpers consciously set each river rock into the cement, paying careful attention to the correct placement of the stones. Then, each river rock is washed and the cement is smoothed several times until it forms an exquisite natural pathway.

The small octagon will have a tile floor and built in seating, along with a plastic and carrizo roof.


This project has been completed!

AN-06 Building River Rock Paths around the Tower of AN (Part One) DONE!




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