AN•TAWA Ceremonies at the Heart of AN in Peru


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A Powerful Week of Personal and Planetary Transformation

while making True and Real Ceremonies

to shift Reality Systems

as Timeless True Ones in the Physical


October 29 – November 4, 2022

With Solara and Emanáku
at the Heart of AN,
Sacred Valley of the Incas, Peru

We have reached the point

It is NOW or NEVER!

It is time for us to RECLAIM OUR PLANET
and make a huge EVOLUTIONARY SHIFT.


February 17 – 23, 2022

In February 2022, seven men and seven women, plus three children, came together at the Heart of AN for a week of AN•TAWA Ceremonies. We were a dedicated group of Timeless True Ones coming from nine countries. Following two days of merging our Timeless True Selves with our physical beings, we were ready for five days of deeply powerful and real AN•TAWA Ceremonies done as One True Being ~ embodiments of Pure True Love.

Each day was stronger than the one before. As each ceremony went deeper, so did we.

October 29 – November 4, 2022

It’s time for our AN•TAWA Ceremonies to deepen and move to another level. We will be making these special Ceremonies twice a year until the Game of Duality is completely Over.

Participating in the AN•TAWA Ceremonies give us an extremely rare opportunity to move our beings to a level that we haven’t experienced before so we can make a life changing quantum shift. It enables us to work on the expanded level of the Timeless True Worlds. This is what makes our ceremonies stunningly real and effective.

Our entire time together will be one continuous Ceremony. We will go Off the Map of the Known and explore the New Reality of AN while merging our Timeless True Selves with our physical beings. We will anchor the AN•TAWA energies deeper than ever before!

The Heart of AN is a very strong Anchor Point of the New Reality where the energy of the Timeless True Worlds is felt throughout the land. It is the perfect place for these important ceremonies. Everything we do, from making ceremonies, to sharing healthy meals, to merging with the energies of the land, to sitting quietly by ourselves, to playing our Drums of AN inside the Tower of Light of AN, is a sacred part of our Ceremonies.

Our Ceremonies are always spontaneous and very, very REAL. They are performed by True Ones in the Timeless True Worlds. This is what makes them so effective and ultra real. They are created by the combined presence of our One True Being unified with the energies of AN and Beyond.

We never have a set schedule of events as we simultaneously follow the flow of energy.

Some Key Components of our AN•TAWA Ceremonies will be:

Stepping out of Duality and into your True Life on the AN•Labyrinth 

Merging with our Timeless True Self

Immersion into the New Reality of AN

Creating our personal Drum of AN

Sitting as Silent Watchers in the Tower of Light of AN

Consciously emerging as the Family of AN

Birth New Mudras

Anchoring AN•TAWA throughout the Worlds within Worlds

Put the Jewels in the Crown 

Reclaim our Planet

Shift Reality Systems

During our time together, we will also make sacred journeys to perform ceremonies at special Inca Sites amd Sacred Lakes in the high Andes. Each day will be unique.

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The KEY DATES for ALIGNING WITH US will be on November 2 and 3.

NOVEMBER 2 is 2.11.2022 or 11.2.2022 which adds up to the Master Number 55.
November 1-2 are also the Days of the Dead or All Souls Day in many countries. This is a time when the Doors between the Worlds are wide open which will enable us to anchor AN•TAWA on profoundly deep levels.

NOVEMBER 3 adds up to the Master Number Eleven.
On this day, our focus will be on making Ceremonies with Water throughout the world.

You are invited to align with us worldwide.

AN TAWA CHASKA CHAKA ~ The Bridge of the Four Stars


TAWA is the sacred number FOUR in Quechua, the language of the Incas. It also represents the Four Pillars that hold up the Universe.

During our final EL•AN•RA Ceremonies in October 2019, we dissolved the pins in the Three Stars in the Belt of Orion which had long served as the anchor pinions of Duality. At the same time, the Fourth Point of TAWA emerged. As we cross the Bridge of the Four Stars ~ AN TAWA CHASKA CHAKA ~ we return to our Original Evolutionary Blueprint.


By the beginning of 2020, many of us had reached the End of the Detour of Duality. We had been traveling on this Detour since we first came to this planet and now we finally had one foot free of Duality…. I even wrote my 2020 Surf Report about this, stating that 2020 was going to be full of surprises and shocking events beyond our present imagining.

Then just when we were so very close to stepping off the End of the Detour, Duality realized that many of us were finally becoming free and started fighting for its survival. It did its utmost to pull us back into Duality. What many don’t realize is that humans are Duality’s food source. Duality is fed by our belief that it is our predominant reality and that it’s real. When we unhook ourselves from this false belief, we stop feeding Duality.

That’s when the “Pandemic” began. Fear levels were stirred up and intensified until suddenly many people leapt back into the “safety” of their old familiar ways of being and willingly rehooked themselves into Duality.

Through the fanning of fear and a rising tide of anger, Humanity became divided and turned against itself, while ignoring the real cause of this division. In addition to the usual, artificial divisions such as politics, new splits occurred in the name of the new religion of “science”. Real logic was set aside and in the chaos, many let go of their own Heart’s Knowingness and were swept along by a tsunami of illusion.

All the while, our freedoms steadily disappeared, one by one.

In 2022, we have finally reached the point of ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! It is now time for us to regain our freedom and to RECLAIM OUR PLANET. It is time for us to step out of the Game of Duality, once and for all by shifting reality systems. It is time for us to create a New True World anchored in the New Reality. There is a great urgency to these AN•TAWA Ceremonies. It is truly Now or Never.








The magnificent Tower of Light of AN

How You Can Participate

:: At the Heart of AN ::

The Heart of AN is the centerpoint of the AN•TAWA Ceremonies. It was specially created to be an Anchoring Point of the New Reality. The land here is exquisitely beautiful and is imbued with the energy of the Timeless True Worlds. This is why it is the perfect place for anchoring AN•TAWA.

Participating in the AN•TAWA Ceremonies at the Heart of AN will be deep, intense, full of love, profoundly transforming and totally unforgettable. It will align you with your Timeless True Self as never before.



• Eight Nights Accomodation •
• All Meals from October 29 – November 4
• Transportation to various Sacred Sites where we will make Special Ceremonies •
• A Visit to the Sunday Market in the Inca village of Chinchero •
• Your own Drum of AN which you will paint here 
• All Activities and Ceremonies at the Heart of AN with Solara and Emanáku.
• A beautiful Lliclia to use in our ceremonies.
• Plus, some Surprises!

Special discounts are available for Sacred Valley Residents who have their own accomodation.

(If this is your first experience at the Heart of AN or with Solara, we would like to have a private Zoom Chat to get to know you before confirming your registration.)

I want to participate at the Heart of AN in Peru
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:: In an Anchor Group ::

If you can’t come to Peru, you can create or join an Anchor Group to align with us.

:: By Yourself Wherever You Are ::

Instructions and Videos,
Public Zoom Talks with Solara about the Ceremonies,
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AN•TAWA Anchors

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