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During these critical times, it feels important to continually deepen, expand and raise the energies at the Heart of AN. We have many impending projects that will move us to a new level and expand the resonance of the New Reality of AN, but we need your help to do them.

Most of our cost estimates are not yet exact, for we won’t know the exact costs until we hire the workers and buy the materials. We tried to err on the side of over-estimating the costs, rather than under-estimating them. As soon as we begin a project, we will adjust the costs and any extra money received will be applied to the next project.

Here are our current and future AN-Projects that we would like to do this year. Naturally, our priority is on the Most Urgent Projects.

Please click on the titles for more information on each project.

• •:• • Our Most Urgent AN-Projects • •:• •

AN-04 Pay Off Personal Land Loans (Part 1 – Smaller Loans)

We would very much like help in paying back the small loans that we received to buy the land for the Tower of Light. These loans total $4734 and are owed to five, open hearted and extremely patient people.  We would also like to pay back the larger loans as well, but that’s another story….

$0.00 / $4,734.00

••:•• Urgent AN-Projects ••:••

•::• AN-Projects for Later This Year •::•

AN-1111 General Donations

Many good and valuable projects at the Heart of AN! If you can’t decide to which project you want to give support, or if you just want to support our work “in general”, then you can make a single or recurring donation here without reference to a specific project! Thank you for all your support!

•::• Completed AN-Projects •::•

AN-12 Building River Rock Paths around the Tower (Part Two)

BUILDING RIVER ROCK PATHS: Part Two DONE! (AN-Project AN-12) We would like to make a river rock path going from the left of the entrance to the Tower of AN land, going around the left side to the gate in the far left corner. River rocks would go under the bench area on the left [ Read More…. ]

$0.00 / $1,560.00

AN-06 Building River Rock Paths around the Tower of AN (Part One) DONE!

We have created river rock paths in several areas of the Heart of AN which we really love. They have a wonderful, natural energy and provide dry paths to walk upon during the rainy season. They are beautiful, practical and have a refined energy that is in harmony with the land and AN. We would [ Read More…. ]

$0.00 / $1,570.00

AN-07 Planting Grass, Red Clover on AN•Sonqo land (Done!)

As soon as we make river rock path around the left side of the land, we need to plant rye grass and red clover around the outside of the Tower of Light of AN. These are the special grasses that alpacas like to eat and we can’t get our Alpacas of AN until it is [ Read More…. ]

$300.00 / $300.00 ( 1 Supporter)

=== AN-10 Painting Newly Plastered Wall near Entry Gate === (completed!)

COMPLETED ! NO MORE DONATIONS NECESSARY FOR THIS PROJECT! Another of our needed projects is the painting of our newly plastered wall to the right of our main entrance. This definitely needs to be done before the end of September and before the onset of the rainy season. Otherwise, the plaster covering our adobe wall [ Read More…. ]

=== AN-11 Truckload of Firewood === (completed)

COMPLETED ! NO MORE DONATIONS NECESSARY FOR THIS PROJECT The rainy season will begin here in October or November, and we are getting low on firewood. It’s important to buy firewood several months before you need to use it, so it has time to dry out. We really need to get another truckload of firewood [ Read More…. ]

$300.00 / $300.00 ( 1 Supporter)

AN-08 Buying two – four Small Alpacas of AN & Building a Shed – DONE

As soon as build a shed for the alpacas to sleep in at night, we will be ready to buy two – four young alpacas of AN from our guardian Pedro who has a herd of 275 alpacas. (We had originally planned to only buy two alpacas, but Pedro said that it’s better to buy [ Read More…. ]

$840.00 / $1,700.00 ( 3 Supporters)

AN-05 Reprint “The Cards of AN” & make new Card Bags – DONE

While we still have several hundred books for The Cards of AN, we are nearly out of  the actual Cards. The printing process is a challenge for smaller printers (like the ones in the Sacred Valley and Cusco), because there are 332 cards within four decks in each complete Card Set. If we print 200 [ Read More…. ]

$0.00 / $2,430.00

AN-01 Recalibrating the Tower of Light of AN ~DONE!

The Center of the Tower of Light of AN was originally planned to be raised 15 cm (6 in) above the ground. Here is the drawing, that we handed to Maestro German for building the Center: Unfortunately, the finished circle is about 25 cm (10 in) above the grass. This gives the center the wrong [ Read More…. ]

$360.00 / $800.00 ( 3 Supporters)

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!! Thank you for all your love and your support !!

2 thoughts on “AN-01 Recalibrating the Tower of Light of AN ~DONE!”

  1. Helga says:

    Dear Solara,
    I read all of your books several times (maybe 15 years ago) and now again and I am still very, very happy when I read them. Thank so much for these beautiful, powerful and full of love – pages which remind me where I come from.
    I hope one day I will have the chance to visit you there.
    Thank you for everything !!!
    All the best and LOVE from Austria (Salzburg).
    Helga Helios

  2. Walter Trachsel says:

    A mighty Love-and Healing Stream from Tucson,AZ
    Love Walter and Julie

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