October’s EL•AN•RA Ceremonies at the Heart of AN ~ Preparations – Part Two

Twenty one magnificent and dedicated beings converged at the Heart of AN in October to make our final EL•AN•RA Ceremonies. We began with four days of preparations where we formed the three stars in the Belt of Orion (seven in each star), created our ceremonies and merged into One True Being.

Whenever we come together to do something powerful, old fears are magnified and come up to the surface. There were fears of the altitude, fears of change, fears of going beyond our comfort zones, fears of the Unknown, fears of transforming far beyond what we had known as reality. Many of us encountered these fears during the first two days. But by the third day of preparations, all the fears had vanished. We all knew that we were here for a True Purpose and we simply put our full beings into what we came here to do. We entered the energy field of ONE BEING IN ACTION which makes everything easy and fun.

Everything we did was powerful, deep, fun and full of love. We went effortlessly OFF THE MAP OF THE KNOWN into the Timeless True Worlds and were indelibly infused with the New Reality. Everyone present received a deep, personal transformation as well. What we experienced is still being integrated but we know that it has changed us forever.

By the end of our four days of Preparation, the form of our ceremonies had emerged and we had woven a strong One Being. We were ready for our four days of EL•AN•RA CEREMONIES!!!

• • • •

These EL•AN•RA Photo Journeys are longer than usual to give you the opportunity to fully experience the energies of what occurred during this momentous time. The ripples and waves that were set forth during our four days of Ceremonies from October 19 – 22, will now grow ever stronger and travel even further.

• • • •

With deepest gratitude to: Sebastian and Christian of Germany. Indigo, Craig, Celestiani, Kalasara, Makaya and Julianna of the US, El Aa Ra of Australia, Antara of Austria, Omashar of UK and Kauai, Petra of the Czech Republic, Ongralea of Taiwan and Canada, Gabriel, Eugenia, Path and Nora of Argentina, Ankasha of Mexico, Jennifer of Italy and Emanaku and Solara of the Heart of AN.

With special thanks to our brilliant photographers: Anani, Ankasha, Aten AN, El Aa Ra, Emanaku, Kalasara, Ongralea, Petra, Sebastian

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