October’s EL•AN•RA Ceremonies at the Heart of AN: The Sacred Lake of EL ~ Laguna Huaypo – Part One

We were supposed to depart from the Heart of AN at 10:00 in the morning, but our van was half an hour late. Yet we soon discovered that this shift in timing was absolutely perfect. We arrived at our site on the shores of Laguna Huaypo at exactly 11:11. We couldn’t have planned it better!

We began our EL•AN•RA Ceremony with the blowing of four pututus (conch shell trumpets) by Omashar, Kalasara, Makaya and Sebastian. Then we formed two lines facing the lake with the EL in front ~ since it was their lake. We all had a bottle of water from the Heart of AN as an offering to the lake. Then, just when we were beginning, we discovered a huge Sunbow directly above us. What a blessing!

As our ceremony progressed, the weather turned stormy. We could see it raining heavily all around us, but there was no rain above us. It felt like we were in a bubble of the New Reality and had stepped into the Timeless True Worlds. This enhanced reality was with us throughout our ceremony.

Since these were the final EL•AN•RA CEREMONIES, they were greatly expanded from our earlier ones. Many new elements were added. It all felt absolutely perfect.

These EL•AN•RA Photo Journeys are much longer than usual to give you the opportunity to fully experience the energies of what occurred during this momentous time. The ripples and waves that were set forth during our four days of Ceremonies from October 19 – 22, are still growing ever stronger as they travel throughout the Worlds within Worlds.

• • • •

With deepest gratitude to our magnificent Family of AN who chose to be here: Sebastian and Christian of Germany. Petra of the Czech Republic. Indigo, Craig, Celestiani, Kalasara, Makaya and Julianna of the US. El Aa Ra of Australia, Antara of Austria, Omashar of UK and Kauai, Ongralea of Taiwan and Canada, Gabriel, Eugenia, Path and Nora of Argentina, Ankasha of Mexico, Jennifer of Italy and Emanaku and Solara of the Heart of AN.

With special thanks to our brilliant photographers: Anani, Ankasha, Aten AN, El Aa Ra, Emanaku, Kalasara, Ongralea, Petra, Sebastian.

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