AN•TAWA Ceremonies 3 • Day 2 – WEAVING OUR ONE BEING

Some people wonder why we keep our AN•TAWA Ceremonies so small? One reason is that these Ceremonies require a very specific group of unique people coming together for a very specific task. We don’t have time in our one week together to get a large group onto the level that is needed to do these special, once in a shift of reality systems, ceremonies. Plus, on a practical level, we don’t have the infrastructure to handle large groups at the Heart of AN.

On our second, and final, day of preparations, the focus was on deepening the weaving of our One True Being. Those without Drums of AN, created their Drums, but did not play them yet.

While they were painting, I had a Zoom talk with those Anchoring AN•TAWA throughout the world. By the end of the day, we knew that we were ready for our first ceremonies.

What we didn’t know is how utterly Off the Map of the Known, how searingly powerful they would be, how they would thrust us into the new HERE and how deeply we would be transformed! HERE WE ARE! MORE TO COME…. Moray!!!!


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