CREATIVE SURGE at the Heart of AN – Part Three

Just when we thought we were almost done with our needed maintenance and creative projects, I suddenly saw that we were meant to create a Fairy Ring out of stones in our Fairy Circles. This is when the Creative Surge greatly accelerated and almost blew us over with its force.

When I walked over to that area to look where the Fairy Ring wanted to be, I saw that there was also meant to be a small sacred pool there. Of course, the pool had to have a water source and this is when I saw that there would be a waterfall that poured into the pool. And from the pool, we would need to build a canal to take the water to other parts of the land. As the water flowed through the canal onto the lower level, there would be a second sacred pool!

The Creative Surge was going full blast around here and we could barely keep up with the new ideas that were pouring in. This is when our attention moved from the Fairy Ring to the waterfall, As these new visions started manifesting, all of us living or working here were caught up in the flow of inspiration.

The waterfall, canal and sacred pools were built one after the other. And of course, beautiful glass mosaics were involved. It was so much fun to see this area transform daily. While this was happening, more flowers were planted.

Within less than a week, everything was done and looked so beautiful. Then we turned our attention to finding the right rocks for the Fairy Ring. We ended up with ten rocks placed in a circle, with the eleventh rock in the middle. Now, we are replenishing the grass and as soon as possible, we will buy more flowers to plant. It has been a magical, wondrous experience and has anchored the Timeless True Worlds even more strongly into the physical.

We were almost done, but the creative surge still had a few more things for us to do.

And then came a series of totally unexpected shocking events that challenged us to the core….

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