Focussing on Healing at the Heart of AN

The past two weeks have been a time of relative quiet at the Heart of AN. Our main focus has been on healing. The healing of Tawani after losing her cria, the healing of our various health challenges. This healing is happening slowly ~ because it’s not just an issue of physical health. It’s a total repatterining and RESET ~ inside and out ~ of practically everything. We are changing our entire approach to life, altering the way we do things, reordering our priorities and moving our lives onto a completely new rhythm.

This takes time. We often take two steps forward and one step back. We have moments when the pressure of too many things to do gets to us and brings stress. We have property taxes to pay, car insurance to buy, income taxes to prepare, books and Surf Reports to write, numerous things to build and repair, transformational retreats to organize, orders to send, new seeds to plant and the list goes on…. Sometimes, we get overwhelmed by the profusion of things (and people) clamoring for our attention. This is when we’re most likely to be affected by the anguish and chaos of the collective. Whenever this happens, it’s a strong sign to stop everything and firmly realign ourselves with the New Reality of AN. Fortunately, we also have many magical moments when we’re absolutely in the flow.

For me, with every step I make, I’m ultra aware how precious it is to be here. And I’m grateful to be given another day.

A similar thing is happening to the area of the Tower of AN. It has been closed off with a temporary fence for over three weeks to allow the grass to regenerate. The Alpacas of AN greatly miss going in there as it’s their favorite place, but it had to be done. On Monday, it will be reopened, signalling another significant shift in energy!

On February 11, there was a strong two day strike (paro) which brought everything to a halt in many parts of Peru. We loved the quietness of no outside activity for a few days.

My main focus has been on writing my book which has grown to 632 pages. There will probably be at least 200 more pages by the time I am finished with this epic saga of my personal journey.

Emanaku always has myriad tasks to do ~ but his favorite right now is creating a desk for KUSI•WASI. This will be in a quiet corner with an amazing view where he can work on designs and do finely detailed work. It will be finished today! Another breakthrough!

In the middle of next week, we are having a huge change of pace with the arrival of five special visitors ~ four from Mexico, plus our friend Alberto from Lima! We have some important things to do together.

Surrounding you all with True Heart Love from the Heart of AN!

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