Group-Visits at the Heart of AN



Unique Heart of AN Experiences and Master Classes

can be specially created for your group.

Some of our available activities include:

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• • TOURS • •

Tour  the Heart of AN, visit the AN•Chakana, sit as a Silent Watcher at the Tower of Light of AN and walk the AN•Labyrinth into the New Reality with Solara and Emanáku

Two hours. By Donation.

Sit as a Silent Watcher at the Tower of Light of AN

Here is the glorious Heart of AN ready for 2018!

Walk out of all that is false and expired and into your True Life
at the AN•Labyrinth!

After their alignment, Manzana left the labyrinth. It was very touching....



Both of them had powerful readings with the Cards of AN. Here is Paula at the beginning of her reading.

• With Solara and Emanáku for up to six people per session. •

One – four hours.



Creating Sacred Dances

Together we can learn the Dance of AN
or we can create a totally new Sacred Dance!

Both dances were specially created for the Activation of the Heart of AN.

• The Dance of AN at the AN•Chakana •

The dance of the Sun and Moon merging into AN
is danced on the multi levels of the AN•Chakana.
Each time we dance it, it is like creating it for the first time.
This is because the Dance of AN is ever evolving
and it changes with the energies of those who are dancing it
in the present moment of the New Reality.


• The 11:11 Mudras •

Fourth Gate

A one – two hour session learning the powerful movements
of the amazing 11:11 Mudras.


• Readers of the Cards of AN Master Class •


A brilliant, super concentrated immersion
into Solara’s amazing Cards of AN.
The Cards of AN are the ultimate, living, interactive tool
for living in the New Reality as a True One.

Develop a deeper understanding of your unique path
and True Purpose.
Learn how to read the Cards of AN for yourself and others.
This Master Class is a  deeply transformative,
life changing experience!

 (Includes a visit to the Chinchero Market to buy special card cloths.)

(Readers of the Cards Master Classes are five days
and require 8 – 12 people.)



• Living a True Life as a True One •


A three day, interactive workshop at the Heart of AN
in which we immerse ourselves into the New Reality.


• Creating Your Personal Mandala Map •


A special workshop creating mandalas
which are our own personal maps showing our relationship
within the New Reality.

What makes this different than other mandala classes
is that we are making them in the heightened energy of the Heart of AN.

Mandala Workshops can be 1 -3 days.

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If you would like to arrange something special for your group, please email us at for availability and prices.

Sometimes, we may be in the middle of an activity in which we are too busy to entertain visitors,
so it’s helpful to contact us well in advance of your visit.

Donations for your visit to support the Heart of AN are greatly appreciated!




We can also host special Heart of AN weddings!
These will be centered around our AN•Chakana
with the sacred mountain, Apu Sawasiray,
(which means «To sew together in marriage») as your witness.

We can also organize your wedding reception either on the land
or at a nearby hotel.


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