The Lates News from The Heart of AN!

It’s been another busy week here. Victor, Basilio and Claudio are painting the exterior of our house, so we have scaffolding up, but it is already looking much better and will protect the yeso against the rain next year. Unless we decide to build a small doghouse, this will be there last project here…. at least for awhile. So it’s a bit poignant for all of us since they’ve been working here since August 2013.

German is totally engrossed in building the AN•Chakana. He can feel its amazing energies coming alive and he is working on it with great dedication. Tomorrow or Friday, we might start putting the glass blocks into the cement. Of course, we are anxious to see how it will look with the glass and the mosaics. The mosaics are still all over our Art Studio floor which provides lots of entertainment for our cats, and lots of work for me recreating the designs, again and again!

Since I was busy for most of the week writing the Surf Report, we didn’t have time to do anything with AN•Wasi. But AN•Tika had its lights installed, as well as the toilet and two sinks!

Our outdoor toilet building – AN•Bañito ? – is almost complete. Doors and toilets are installed as well as the faucet for the sink. I still need to paint the doors as soon as I have some free time. One small problem has developed and that is the disappearance of the water line to the Bañito house. Apparently, it has been inadvertently cemented over and no one seems to know where it was. So no water there yet….

Although we haven’t had any time to finish my “Cards of AN”, we did find a good printer in Cuzco who is ready to print them quickly so they will be ready in time for June’s Readers of the Cards Class. We also found an animal shelter in Cuzco, so the next time we go there, we will look for our right AN Dogs.

Some friends of ours have opened a small cafe with delicious food about a kilometer from here, so that’s a great addition to the area. And I’m sure that it will be popular with the people who come to our June / July Special Events.

We still have to plant our herb garden, buy more fruit trees and flowers and create some landscaping around the back of our house. We also have to design and have made the arches which will go outside the four entrances to the AN•Chakana. They will have metal symbols hanging from them, similar to the ones on top of our houses: an AN Beacon, an Inca matrimonial Sun – Moon, a Sun and a Moon – all with little golden bells hanging from their rays.

We definitely feel that we are in the Final Miles of the first stage of creating The Heart of AN, so we are filled with lots of exhaustion and excitement. We look forward to getting all the building supplies out of our house and finally getting settled here.

And we are very excited to see some of you this June and July! ♥

Our Special events in June and July 2015

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