A Productive Week at the Heart of AN!

This week we have gotten much accomplished. We’ve been updating our AN•visible website with new information and photos. Emanáku is working on the registration forms for our October events here ~ the Conclave of the Family of AN and a Cards of AN Master Class. The registration forms will be ready in a few days. We’re very excited about these special events and really hope that some of you will come.

We are going ahead with the purchase of our beloved Sanctuary land, even though we still have to raise $35,000 more to pay it off before the end of the year. We’ve been working on the purchase contract and trying to find financing, which is very expensive in Peru and we can’t get financing in our home countries since we are no longer residents there. We’ve been waiting several days for the surveyor to arrive and once the survey is finished, we will sign a purchase contract. Buying this land and incorporating it into the Heart of AN feels absolutely right. And it is your support that is making this possible!

For the past few days, I feel a massive tsunami wave headed this way towards the Heart of AN. It feels like a powerful wave of AN energy will sweep over the planet and many people will soon feel the energies of the New Reality of AN. Already, we can feel the AN energy becoming stronger here. And often when I sit quietly and look at the nature, vortexes of a series of concentric rings can be seen superimposed over the landscape.

While we were working on the AN•visible website, we noticed that all the beings living here are in pairs. There’s me and Emanaku, Eloy and Juana, Luna and Leo plus Manzana and Cachorro. How perfect for anchoring the AN energies of the Sun and Moon as One Being! Next, we will need to get our two Alpacas of AN!!!

Since most of our activities have taken place in front of our computers, this week’s photos have lots of animals in them! We hope you don’t mind, but they are so sweet and constantly entertaining.

The fresh snow is still on the Apus and it is so beautiful, but our days have warmed up. We remain super grateful that we are blessed to be here, anchoring and embodying the New Reality.

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