Another Busy Week at The Heart of AN!

We’ve had a super busy week here. Several projects were completed including the river rock baseboards in AN•Wasi and the small plastic roof over our clothesline. Also, our metal worker Danielo is making new brackets for the base of our dining room table which should be ready to pick up on Friday. German and his crew have started sanding and painting our adobe wall to protect the yeso plaster during the upcoming rainy season.

Today, German will paint over a portion of the water stained wall in AN•Wasi to see if the stains disappear. If not, we will need to remove all the stained yeso and apply new yeso to all the areas that were water damaged.

Last Sunday we enjoyed a visit from my old friend, Katharina Bless who has a center in Chiang Rai, Thailand. With her were Diane Dunn from the Paz y Luz Center in Pisac and Toshie from South Africa. We gave readings with the Cards of AN to all of them. It was much fun!

Today is the beginning of a strong two day regional strike, (paro), in Cuzco and the Sacred Valley. Huge rocks and tree stumps have been placed in the middle of all roads, including our tiny dirt road to the main road, closing them to all traffic. This strike is a protest against the Peruvian government’s proposed plan to lease its 19,903 archeological monuments to private companies, with the exception of any World Heritage Sites such as Machu Picchu. Most Peruvians think that this is a very bad idea. We agree….

Cats, dogs, Emanaku and I are all well. Eloy is getting more settled here and learning what needs to be done here. We are focused on recalibrating everything onto an even truer level. And as always, we are so happy to be here! ♥

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