Going into ZOOM Mode at The Heart of AN!

We’ve been quite busy here for the past few weeks. Much is in motion. There’s the sense that we are preparing for things that we cannot yet see.

This week, everything greatly accelerated and suddenly our calendar filled up with things to do.

We are getting ongoing projects completed and preparing for new ones. We have been putting lots of attention on AN•Wasi to get it ready for visitors. The painting of the walls is complete, the floors have been washed, waxed and polished and today the furniture is going back inside. This afternoon, I will clean it so it will once again be beautiful and shining! After that, I hope to finally plant seeds in our herb garden!!

We finally bought a grass cutter so we can cut our grass properly. Eloy has just finished creating rock walls along our driveway for the flowers there. Now, we are planting flowers in new areas of the land which add much brightness and beauty. Somehow, Emanaku has found time to do some baking of cakes and brezels (German pretzels). We also spent several days completely reorganizing our pantry which is a huge improvement. Tomorrow, we will finally pick up the new glass pieces for the base of our dining room table. We are very excited to be able to use it again after months of eating in the art studio! And we are having bright colored cushions made to use in our classes and Cards of AN readings here.

On Friday morning, I will be giving a talk at the Festival of Light in Urubamba. Early Sunday morning, a group of Russians will be arriving here to visit the Heart of AN and have private readings with the Cards of AN. On Monday, the Festival of Light group will visit us. In the meanwhile there is much to clean and prepare for their visits.

Next week, we hope to start work transforming our old storage shed into something new and gorgeous. We will recreate the building so it is half storage and half an open and airy sitting area which can also function as a small stage. It will be very pretty when it is done. It is right next to the area where we will make our AN•Labyrinth. We are working on the design of our labyrinth and hope to create it soon.

Super Zoom Mode for sure! But everything is going smoothly and with lots of LOVE! ♥

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