The Activation of the Tower of Light of AN: Part Four

On May 23 was the long awaited Activation of the Tower of Light of AN. But before it could be activated, we had another ceremony to do….

2017 is the Year of the Fire Rooster and we amazingly, had three Fire Roosters! One of the main tasks of roosters is to wake everyone up each morning with their Call to the Dawn. But Fire Roosters have the ability to send their Wake Up Call far and wide ~ to the ends of the Earth and far beyond. This was too great of an opportunity to miss!

Fire Roosters are also Phoenixes rising from the ashes of old worlds, old dreams, old reality systems. This is perfect because this is exactly what most of us are doing right now, as we unhook ourselves from the dying world of duality and enter the New Reality of AN.

We had hoped to have four Fire Roosters for our Ceremony, but since we only had three, we added a Wood Rooster. During their Ceremony, the Call of the Fire Roosters pierced the membrane that has long been positioned around this world which keeps much of humanity asleep. Once a hole was created in the membrane, we all added our voices to the Call to Awaken. This is when the shell was cracked.

The Fire Rooster Ceremony was completely Off the Map, powerful and brilliant!

It is our hope that from these photos, you will be able to feel the energy of this momentous, mega Activation of the Tower of Light of AN.

Here is Part Four, presented to you with much AN LOVE….

The Fire Rooster Ceremony:
Waking Up Humanity

Getting Ready for the Activation
of the Tower of Light of AN

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