A Week of Healing at the Heart of AN!

This past week was a quiet one here. I spent many days in bed, totally disassembling my being so I could heal on the deepest levels possible. At night, Emanaku would do healing massage on me. Now, I am finally starting to feel better, although my tailbone is still quite sore. I am keeping as quiet as possible. All of this is not only healing my spine, but it helping me to integrate the super charged energies of the New Reality that infused us in May.

Emanaku has been busy working on the newest edition of my book, “11:11”, preparing it to be an iBook. There is still much to do, but it’s exciting to see it getting birthed into a new form where it will finally be available again.

We hope that this quiet continues for a few more weeks as it is so needed. Then, in the second week of June, we will have five, special visitors arriving!

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