Shifting Gears at the Heart of AN!

This has been a busy past week at the Heart of AN. On Friday, Emanaku’s son Johannes arrived with his family for their first visit to Peru! Of course, Emanaku is totally in love with his new Grand daughter Antonia! Having them here is a Beyond your Wildest Dreams occurence and makes us very happy.

On Sunday, Keenuane returned to Mexico after living here for three months. It was so perfect that she was here during this time and feels strange without her. Fortunately, she is returning to AN in May for our Special Events, so it won’t be too long before we see her again.

There’s a strong sense of shifting gears here. The huge push we had last year to buy the new land, prepare and activate the Tower of AN, then to totally recalibrate it, to build the octagon and clean up all the surrounding land and then to plant grass and flowers is over. Now the gears are moving into new positions. After this happens, we will start up on a new level.

We are proceeding slowly on the alpaca shelter, as we don’t yet have the money to buy all the building materials and finish the project. One of our top priorities is to reprint the Cards of AN as soon as possible. After that, we can put money towards building the alpaca shelter.

I’m feeling a strong urge to finish rewriting my “11:11” book and hope to leap into it in February. I’m also writing numerous notes for the stories of my life which I also hope to write this year.

We are hoping to create our organic vegetable garden in the next few months so it will be flourishing by May. And by then, our adorable Alpacas of AN will be here!

The organization of our May Events is almost complete. They will be amazing and we already have some brilliant people participating!

• The Cards of AN Master Class ~ May 17 — 21
• Immersion into the New Reality of AN ~ May 22- 28.

Here’s the link to more information:
The Registration Forms will be online in a few days. (They are almost done!)

Once again, space is limited, so please let us know as soon as possible if you want to participate.

Now, back to the deep quiet while in the midst of shifting gears….

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