Unexpected Changes at the Heart of AN!

February began with a fiesta and our final land payment. But that was just the beginning of a wild roller coaster ride. As we were going up that long first hill, little did we know what surprises were ahead of us.

Eloy and his brother Elvin were busy creating the new public path on the far side of our AN•Sonqo land. Emanaku and I were organizing our Special Events in May and adding more treasures to the AN•Mercado.

During the second week of February, we had a wonderful visit with Nina who is from Sweden, but lives in the US. I had first met her at the 11:11 Seventh Gate Activation in India back in 2004 and this was the first time we had met since then. Nina was here for six days and we had a brilliant, fun and transformational time together.

A few days after she left, we started experiencing a series of shocking events, mainly centered around our guardian Eloy. It soon became obvious that, even though he had been here for a year and a half, we had to let him go. This was difficult, but necessary.

In retrospect, we see how the shocking events helped to trigger all of us to let go and make needed changes in our lives. Although we had greatly enjoyed having Eloy, Juana and her sheep here, it feels right that they now move on to their right place.

We spent the last week of February interviewing new candidates for our guardian position. We finally chose Pedro who comes from a remote community, high up in the Andes, three hours from here. Pedro arrived yesterday afternoon and started cleaning up the flowers this morning.

Now, we welcome the time to catch up on our neglected work that we couldn’t do last week and to recalibrate everything at the Heart of AN to be ever more Beautiful and True.

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