There was a noticeable deepening on our third day of AN•TAWA Ceremonies.

After a morning session, we went to our water basin near the vegetable garden and filled our water bottles for tomorrow’s ceremony. Then we took our Sacred Staffs of AN to the Tower of AN and put them into position.

This was when our Drums of AN were officially introduced at the Tower of AN. This always feels very significant as it is the introduction, not only of our Drums of AN, but of new Family of AN. This time, we gathered in the outside circle and stepped into each of the eleven circles one at a time. It was powerful and felt very true. Once we reached the inner circle we all sat down and played our drums.

In the afternoon, we went to the AN•Chakana. We sat down together upon the chakana and came very close to getting the Jewels in the Crown. We were all in the correct positions, but we weren’t all in the necessary level of consciousness. It was only when I was going through all the photos for this Photo Journey that I was able to see what we need to do the next time we do this. (Maybe in October.)

Afterwards, we chanted the HU which was strong and amazing. Then we performed the ENOUGH IS ENOUGH Mudra which had noticeably deepened since the previous day. The eleven, concentric magenta circles were more active than ever before.

Later that afternoon, we returned to the Tower of AN with our Drums of AN. Again, there was that incredible feeling of clicking into position as our circle of ONE stepped deeper and deeper inwards, one circle at a time. Once we were all in position again, we embodied the Mani Stone inside the Lotus and asked for our Truest Wish.

This was a stunning day and we all felt we were ready for February 22 ~ the Day in which Everyone Worldwide would align with us.

• • • •


Ankasha, Argon, Daniela, Emanaku, Felipe, Omashar, Sebastian, Solara, Vivianne

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