AN•TAWA – FOUR ~ DAY TWO • October 19, 2023 ~ PREPARATIONS

During our second day of preparations, we learned the new practice of becoming a Sacred Volcano. It’s so strong and effective, that we made a video of it on the day after our ceremonies. The video will be online as soon as we finish these AN•TAWA Photo Journeys.

In the afternoon, we passed out Drums of AN to the ones who didn’t have them. While they painted their new drums, the rest of us participated in a zoom call to those anchoring AN•TAWA throughout the world.

Afterwards, we had tryouts for our eight Pututu players. These were held in our house and were VERY loud!

After dinner, we returned to the Octagon where we watched a slide show of the creation of the Heart of AN, our eleven EL•AN•RA Ceremonies in 2019 which dissolved the pins of Duality, as well as the three previous AN•TAWA Ceremonies in 2022 and 2023. It was a perfect second day of preparations. Now we were ready to go to Moray tomorrow and make our first ceremonies!!!!

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