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AN•TAWA – FOUR ~ DAY ONE • October 17 – 18, 2023 ~ PREPARATIONS

18 People converged at the Heart of AN for the final AN•TAWA Ceremonies. Nine Men and Nine Women representing thirteen countries: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Czech Republic, Denmark, France,Germany, Japan, Mexico, Peru, Slovakia, Spain and the US. It was our best group ever! We began on the evening of October 17 with a slide show of [ Read More…. ]

AN•TAWA – FOUR ~ DAY TWO • October 19, 2023 ~ PREPARATIONS

During our second day of preparations, we learned the new practice of becoming a Sacred Volcano. It’s so strong and effective, that we made a video of it on the day after our ceremonies. The video will be online as soon as we finish these AN•TAWA Photo Journeys. In the afternoon, we passed out Drums [ Read More…. ]


On our third day, it was time to make our first AN•TAWA Ceremony! We traveled to the amazing Inca ceremonial site of Moray. This unique place consists of four circles created in the holes where fragments of a meteorite crashed into the earth long ago. The three larger circles have seven levels that go deep [ Read More…. ]


The focus of our fourth day was preparing for the ceremonies to come. First, a procession was formed to take our Sacred Staffs of AN to their appointed places around the Tower of Light of AN. Then we poured out the water from Laguna Qoricocha that we had filled during AN•TAWA – 3. Next, our [ Read More…. ]


We weren’t sure if we would be returning to Laguna Qoricocha this time. During the previous AN•TAWA Ceremonies there, the water level was very low and there was a lot of mud. In early October Emanaku decided to visit Qoricocha on his way to Cuzco to see if we were meant to go there. He [ Read More…. ]

AN•TAWA – FOUR ~ DAY FIVE (2) • October 22, 2023 QORICOCHA

The rest of our AN•TAWA Ceremony at Qoricocha went smoothly. We continuously felt the white rose petals going on their journeys to all the Worlds within Worlds and deep into the earth. We felt our beings full of rose petals ~ dissolving duality and bringing great transformation. We sat as Silent Watchers. We played our [ Read More…. ]

AN•TAWA – FOUR ~ DAY SIX • October 23, 2023 ~ A QUIET DAY

We had a quiet day at the Heart of AN to rest and integrate the energies of our monumental ceremony at Qoricocha. Although we didn’t take many photos, the main thing we did today was to sit on the AN•CHAKANA where we did our longest, deepest :: HU TAWA HU :: ever! It transported us [ Read More…. ]

AN•TAWA – FOUR ~ DAY SEVEN • October 24, 2023 ~ RAQCH’I – Part 1

We departed for Raqch’i at 4:00 in the morning for a three hour bus ride to the Temple of Wiracocha at Raqch’i. For most of our journey, it was raining, and although rain is greatly needed right now, we strongly hoped that it wouldn’t be raining when we arrived there. Even so, we were ready [ Read More…. ]

AN•TAWA – FOUR ~ DAY SEVEN • October 24, 2023 ~ RAQCH’I – Part 2

We made our second ceremony at Raqch’i at the high ceremonial place where we had been last May. It felt amazing to be here again. The first thing that we did was to sit in a circle and fill it with a multitude of rose petals in pink, white and magenta. They had a totally [ Read More…. ]

AN•TAWA – FOUR ~ DAY SEVEN • October 24, 2023 ~ RAQCH’I – Part 3

We walked to the Sun – Moon Axis that links the Seven Temples for our Third Ceremony at Raqch’i. Here we went to the middle of the Axis to the Place of the Heart. Martina and I stood opposite one another in the Heart Space with two Pututus on either side of us. Then two [ Read More…. ]

AN•TAWA – FOUR ~ DAY EIGHT • October 25, 2023 ~ Our Final Day at the Heart of AN

On the day after our momentous ceremonies in Raqch’i, Martina Mamani paid us a surprise visit. I asked her how Raqch’i was feeling? She replied that it had changed a lot since our ceremonies there yesterday. She said that after we left, many people arrived at her house and asked her what we had done. [ Read More…. ]