AN•TAWA – FOUR ~ DAY SEVEN • October 24, 2023 ~ RAQCH’I – Part 3

We walked to the Sun – Moon Axis that links the Seven Temples for our Third Ceremony at Raqch’i. Here we went to the middle of the Axis to the Place of the Heart. Martina and I stood opposite one another in the Heart Space with two Pututus on either side of us.

Then two lines of people came through our Heart Corridor playing their Drums of AN. It felt amazing as we transformed the Place of the Heart into the Place of the True Heart.

For our Fourth, and final, Ceremony we went to the Temple of Wiracocha with its Eleven Pillars on each side. 11:11. Although, no one is allowed inside the Temple, we could walk along the two outer perimeters.

The women walked on the wide, grassy female side and the men walked on the narrow dirt path of the masculine side. We passed one another at the far end of the Temple, then the women walked on the male path and the men walked on the female path.

We walked in curves like the great AMARU ~ the sacred serpents. We walked in curves, just like they used to do inside the Temple, around each of the Eleven – Eleven Pillars. It felt profound to be doing this.

In times past, the processions had gone in the opposite direction, taking the energies from Lake Titicaca through Raqch’i to the selva. (jungle). Yet this time, we walked in the opposite direction, bringing the energies back to Raqch’i, along with the fresh, new energies of the New Reality of AN.

Back in 1995, I was sitting at my desk in the US one day, when the phone rang. It was a shaman in Peru whom I didn’t know. He asked me if I was Solara, and I said yes. Then he said, “Do you know that you are the Keeper of the Inca Prophecy?” and asked me when I was coming to Peru. I actually had plans to go to Peru within a month, so when I arrived I met with him. But at that time I was convinced that I didn’t have anything to do with the Prophecy.

In May at our AN•TAWA – Three Ceremony, Martina had told us about the ancient Prophecy that said that sometime, Wiracocha’s True People would come to Raqch’i from many lands, wearing brightly colored clothes, and that WE WERE THEM.

This is when I remembered the golden plaque that had been on the altar in the Qoricancha ~ The Temple of the Sun in Cuzco. On this plaque were many sacred symbols of the Sun and Moon, the Rainbow and Illapa ~ the God of Thunder / Lightning.

The largest item on the altar piece was the Sacred Rock of Raqch’i ~ Hatun Taqe Wiracocha. Above it, at the very top of the golden plaque were the Three Stars in the Belt of Orion ~ the EL•AN•RA. The Incas always depicted these Three Stars with a Star above and a Star below the Central Star of AN. AND THIS WAS US ~ THE FAMILY OF AN!!

May 16, 2023 is when there was a Major Intersection between Wiracocha in Raqch’i and the Family of AN. This activated the final part of the Prophecy, which we then completed on October 24, 2023.

I have waited lifetimes to make these ceremonies that we made this day. And I shall be eternally grateful.

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