One Being in Action!

Who Will Benefit from the Heart of AN


The Heart of AN is being created by our One Being for the benefit of all.  In fact, its creation, development and success completely depend on our ONE BEING IN ACTION.

While a small group of people will live there permanently to manage our Center, it will function as a place of nourishment, inspiration, recalibration and renewal for all who visit. We will offer a variety of special events, workshops and ceremonies that are not available anywhere else, as well as unique tours of Peru and Bolivia.

The Heart of AN is the anchoring point for the AN energies. From here, the AN energies will spread out all over the planet. This is the next step after our journey through the 11:11 Doorway.

The Heart of AN is a prototype for Living True Lives as True Ones. Here, we will create new ways of living and being and implement them  in our daily lives. The Heart of AN is a living laboratory of the New and True anchored in the Ultra Greater Reality.

Why Support the Heart of AN?

By supporting the Heart of AN, you are not supporting “us”, but you are supporting our One Being. The Heart of AN is a collaboration of our One Being, birthed through ONE BEING IN ACTION. This is why the Heart of AN needs to be created by us as One Being, rather than a small group of us.

Some of us have the ideas, some have the needed skills or contacts and some have the money to manifest it on the physical. In the same way, some will live there permanently, while others will visit. Some might never visit it, but will be deeply touched by its existence.

Now we must combine our unique different pieces of the puzzle to create something absolutely New and True.

The Heart of AN is for all of us and this is why it needs conscious support from all.

It’s time for our ONE BEING IN ACTION!

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