AN•TAWA – FOUR ~ DAY FIVE (2) • October 22, 2023 QORICOCHA

The rest of our AN•TAWA Ceremony at Qoricocha went smoothly. We continuously felt the white rose petals going on their journeys to all the Worlds within Worlds and deep into the earth. We felt our beings full of rose petals ~ dissolving duality and bringing great transformation.

We sat as Silent Watchers. We played our Drums of AN. We bathed our Pachacutec statues in the lake. We tossed our precious grains of sand from Egypt into Qoricocha and we did one of our most profound :: HU TAWA HU ::

Everything felt perfect. It felt like it didn’t really matter what we did. What was most important is that we all embodied Timeless True Ones, and we did.

Our Ceremony at Laguna Qoricocha was the most profound one we had ever done there. And for that, we are eternally grateful.

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