We weren’t sure if we would be returning to Laguna Qoricocha this time. During the previous AN•TAWA Ceremonies there, the water level was very low and there was a lot of mud. In early October Emanaku decided to visit Qoricocha on his way to Cuzco to see if we were meant to go there. He found a new location on the lake where there wasn’t much mud and where we were able to easily walk into the water. Most importantly, he felt that Qoricocha really wanted us to come.

Qoricocha is a nearly two and a half hour drive from the Heart of AN. For some reason, regardless of the time we leave here, we always arrive there at 11;11. And so we did. We always stop at the lodge up there to use their one toilet before descending to the lake to make our ceremonies. This time, for the very first time, we were welcomed by the women from the nearby community with bunches of flowers, which we soon added to our hats! It was a very special beginning.

We drove down to our new ceremonial site on the lake, where our eight Pututu players formed two lines ~ TAWA – TAWA. The rest of us formed two closer together lines and playing our Drums of AN, walked between the Pututus towards the lake. It was spectacular and felt so True. Then we all stood together in a row before the sacred lake. HERE WE ARE.

Next, two at a time, we walked into the water where we each tossed a handful of white rose petals into the lake as a token of our profound love and poured our sacred water from the Heart of AN into the lake as an offering, while asking in Star Language for permission to hold our ceremony there. It was exquisite.

Then we sat in a semi circle, including the lake in the open part of our circle and filled the center with silky, white rose petals. This immediately brought the Timeless True Worlds into the physical. We were immersed into an entirely new level of awareness. A few months ago, I had pondered what we were meant to do at Qoricocha this time and was told that all we had to do was sit in a circle ~ HERE I AM ~ and be totally present in the expanded HERE and NOW. We really didn’t need to do anything else. This is what we did, and it felt so deep and True. We could feel the white rose petals traveling throughout the Worlds within Worlds, dissolving duality, bringing great transformation to everything they encountered. We could all feel the white rose petals within us ~ traveling throughout our beings. This is still happening right now. You can attune yourselves to them and feel them inside you and all around you. TO BE CONTINUED….

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