The focus of our fourth day was preparing for the ceremonies to come. First, a procession was formed to take our Sacred Staffs of AN to their appointed places around the Tower of Light of AN. Then we poured out the water from Laguna Qoricocha that we had filled during AN•TAWA – 3.

Next, our water bottles were filled with water from the Heart of AN to be used as offerings at our upcoming ceremonies at Qoricocha and Raqch’i. Then drops of water from many sacred places around the world were added to the water bottles. This was all done with lots of love.

After lunch, we danced the Starry Procession ~ the only 11:11 Sacred Dance performed at all the 11:11 Activations. This is when I finally joined the day’s activities, having been sick in the morning. I was very grateful to see that the day had gone well without my presence.

Now, it was time to introduce our Drums of AN to the Tower of AN! This is always one of my very favorite things to do. It’s deeply moving to take our positions in the outer circle and drum ourselves into the next circle, one by one ~ moving closer and closer to the center. It’s such a strong trigger to come together as the Family of AN while beating our Drums of AN in unison. It always feels so familiar ~ as if we have done this numerous times in other times, other places, other worlds. And HERE WE ARE, finally doing this on Planet Earth, in our physical bodies. I wouldn’t miss this for anything!

By the time we walked out of the circles ~ one by one as ONE ~ we knew that we were ready for tomorrow’s ceremony at the Sacred Lake of RA.

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