On our third day, it was time to make our first AN•TAWA Ceremony! We traveled to the amazing Inca ceremonial site of Moray. This unique place consists of four circles created in the holes where fragments of a meteorite crashed into the earth long ago. The three larger circles have seven levels that go deep into the ground. There is also a much smaller circle with three levels. This is the one that has the energy of AN.

Today, the guides like to tell you that Moray was created for the purpose of agriculture, but just a glance at the magnificent curves and multiple levels makes it obvious that Moray was once a great ceremonial center. It is also a place where Time Stands Still. It is enveloped in NO-TIME. There is a deep hush, even when it is full of tourists. Most of these tourists pass by quickly in their allotted twenty minute visit, barely glancing at what is there, not feeling anything. Moray is a perfect example of “Hidden in Plain Sight”.

Each time we make a ceremony in Moray, it is deeper – stronger – truer. And thus it was this day. Moray is the place where HU TAWA HU was given to us, back at the second AN•TAWA Ceremonies in November 2022. Here today, it was the best one we have ever done.

Our ceremony had many elements that brought us closer and took us deeper. It passed by in an instant. It changed us irrevocably. And it prepared us for all that was to come….

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