CREATIVE SURGE at the Heart of AN – Part Two

In April, German and his team began making new water canals in several parts of the land. There was one going to our vegetable garden area and another one which goes to our neighbor at the bottom of our land. German also built a wall to close up the new storage area behind Pedro’s house. Before it is finished, we need to design a door for this space and have our brilliant carpenter Aristo build it and the window frame. As soon as that is done, we can start using this much needed storage space.

While this was in progress, I suddenly had the idea to recalibrate the path to our sweet guesthouse, AN•Wasi. Previously, the path consisted of individual river rock stepping stones which weren’t very practical for rolling suitcases on. Also the small grass strips between the stepping stones required a lot of maintenance. We decided to unite the stepping stones with strips of cement which were filled with beautiful hand painted clay tiles and river rocks.

Since many of the clay tiles had designs on them which had a top and bottom, we had to decide whether they would be right side up while entering or leaving the casita. We decided to alternate the direction of every other strip of tiles, creating a story with the designs when you go into the house and a totally different story when you leave the house.

Meanwhile, stone apachitas (sacred rock cairns) created by Yojhan continued to appear in unexpected places.

Then, the wildest idea of all arrived with another strong burst of the Creative Surge ~ to create a simple stone circle within the area of our fairy circles! Little did we know where this journey would take us.

But that story is for the next Photo Journey….


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