2020 ~ Into a new True Landscape at the Heart of AN!

The New Year of 2020 arrived and it felt like we had been deposited into a New True Landscape. We realized that the shocking events of the past few months had somehow helped us to arrive at the end of the Detour of Duality. The New Reality of AN deepened and expanded before our very eyes. The air suddenly felt clean and fresh and full of nutrients. Visions and expanded perceptions poured in. Everything suddenly became so NEW and TRUE. We felt deeply grateful….

Since then, it’s been a whirlwind of activity here. We hired several more workers and began doing needed maintenance and new projects. There were roofs to be built, walls to be painted, land to be planted and bush to be cleared. Every day it feels like we are making major progress.

While we are doing this, an exquisite NEW TRUE LANDSCAPE is being revealed all around us, right in the midst of our old landscape. And as this happens, we realize that this is also happening within us at the very same time!

At mid month, we were finally able to build our ::AN TAWA CH’ASKA CHAKA :: ~ The Bridge of the Four Stars. I had been seeing this bridge as a vision since early December. It had appeared so clearly to me that it felt like it was already here ~ and it was, on an energetic level. But it was a quantum breakthrough to actually manifest it on the physical. And it has greatly shifted the energy at the Heart of AN.

At the same time, overgrown trees and bushes were being thinned, creating a new sense of lightness. An ancient rock wall that had been long covered by plants was revealed. More of our NEW TRUE LANDSCAPE emerged. Both inside us and upon the land.

Emanaku and I are nearing the final stages of designing a new, two story guesthouse which will go next to the AN•Labyrinth, on the site of our old stage area which will be torn down. This new guesthouse will be quite beautiful. It will be used for those who come here for Transformational Retreats, as well as for volunteers.

The past few months were undeniably difficult, but now we are ready to embrace this glorious New World and inhabit our New True Landscape.

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