New Beginnings at The Heart of AN

This past week marked the beginning of construction of the small casita for our guardian / gardener. Victor and his crew are building it. In a few days, they will return to AN•Wasi to tile the shower and bathroom sink area. It’s very exciting to see how much progress is being made daily.

At the same time, German, who installed the pastillero floors in our house, began working on AN•Wasi. He is making a cement counter for the kitchen, then will put pastillero clay tiles on the floor. He will also build a small room behind AN•Wasi for the hot water heater, water pump and cistern. When that is done, we really want to build the very inspiring AN Tawa Chakana, which will probably be located near AN•Wasi. Then, if we still have any money, German will put large white river rocks in the path to our house and it will be so beautiful!

On January 8th, we had our real first visitors to the Heart of AN since we’ve been living here. These were four, amazing women from Argentina, whom we had never met before. We spent hours doing readings with my AN•A’Mu’a Cards in the AN Tower Room. It was very real and deep and so much fun!!! Another New Beginning for all of us!

Yesterday, we spent the day in Cuzco buying building supplies until our car was so full, that we couldn’t fit more in. This means that we will have to return to Cuzco this week to buy the bathroom sink, toilet, refrigerator and stove for AN•Wasi.

There is so much more to do here to get everything finished and fully functioning. We still need to manifest the money on a weekly basis to pay for our workers and buy more building materials. We deeply appreciate your help in making this possible. You can make a much needed donation here:

Emanaku and I are longing for this second stage of construction to be finished. We’d love to have a few months of relative quiet, after we find the right guardian and the perfect dogs. And then we will leap into action again with some very special events.

We feel that April – May are the months when we will have the official Activation of the Heart of AN, plus some very special Master Classes. Time is moving so fast, that May feels like the most likely month, so please keep your calendar free if you would like to participate.

With HUGE LOVE to our beloved FAMILY OF AN!!!

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