October’s EL•AN•RA Ceremonies at the Heart of AN. The Heart of AN ~ Part One

Our final ceremony was held at the Heart of AN on October 22. This was very important to complete our EL•AN•RA Ceremonies. It felt really good to finally take off the colorful clothes that we’d been wearing for three days and put on fresh ones.

All day long, there was the wondrous feeling of being in our True Home with our True People ~ the Family of AN. There’s something very special about sitting around the Tower of Light of AN and playing our Drums of AN. We also went inside the inner control panels of the EL•AN•RA and made the final adjustments.

Everything felt light, pure and deeply True. There was an immense forcefield of LOVE throughout the land. Everyone felt it, including the dogs and alpacas. It was a joyous, effortless celebration that immersed us deeply into the New Reality of AN.

• • • • • • • • • • •

We have never made four ceremonies in a row before and it was quite an experience. Waking up each day and putting on the same clothes as the day before had a certain feeling of deja vu. Getting up and going to make a ceremony at a sacred lake became our new reality. All day long, we were deeply immersed in the Timeless True Worlds of the New Reality. We were deeply infused with the New Reality.

Our ceremonies were similar in form at each of the sacred lakes, yet each one felt quite different, because the energies of each lake was so different. The EL Lake was our first ceremony so everything was new and the skies were amazing. The RA Lake is definitely the most expanded and powerful. Here we had so much space to hold our ceremony. The AN Lake is beautiful, but it was our smallest ceremonial space, so everything had to be compacted. The surface of the lake was soft mud this time, which would unexpectedly grab at our feet and pull us down into it. Since this was our last ceremony embodying the EL•AN•RA, this made everything we did even more precious.

• • • •

These EL•AN•RA Photo Journeys are longer than usual to give you the opportunity to fully experience the energies of what occurred during this momentous time. The ripples and waves that were set forth during our four days of Ceremonies from October 19 – 22, will now grow ever stronger and travel even further.

• • • •

We had a brilliant group of participants. They came out of deep love for humanity and for our planet. It wasn’t easy for many of them to travel so far ~ leaving their family and jobs, raising the money to pay for their travels. They came because of LOVE and DEDICATION and they came with much COURAGE. THEY CAME FOR ALL OF US!

With deepest gratitude to: Sebastian and Christian of Germany. Indigo, Craig, Celestiani, Kalasara, Makaya and Julianna of the US, El Aa Ra of Australia, Antara of Austria, Omashar of UK and Kauai, Petra of the Czech Republic, Ongralea of Taiwan and Canada, Gabriel, Eugenia, Path and Nora of Argentina, Ankasha of Mexico, Jennifer of Italy and Emanaku and Solara of the Heart of AN.

With special thanks to our brilliant photographers: Anani, Ankasha, Aten AN, El Aa Ra, Emanaku, Kalasara, Ongralea, Petra, Sebastian.

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