October’s EL•AN•RA Ceremonies at the Heart of AN: The Sacred Lake of EL ~ Laguna Huaypo – Part Two

Since these were the final EL•AN•RA CEREMONIES we would ever make, they were greatly expanded and much longer than our earlier ones. The most important new element was the creation of a Fourth Point ~ which was something that had never been done before. And indeed, could never have been done before….

We formed three circles ~ one for each of the Three Stars in the Belt of Orion. Each group had an Anchor Point ~ a Pure EL, Pure AN or Pure RA who remained in position, holding the integrity of their Star, until the very last moment.

After the groups of the Three Stars all simultaneously performed their mudras, two people would leave their Star and go to other ones. Here, they would perform the mudras of their new Star and become that Star, but in a more diluted manner. This went on for some time until the EL•AN•RA had been completely mixed up.

This was when a Fourth Point was birthed by the oldest and two youngest participants. After they birthed the Fourth Point through their new Mudra, three others would spin out of the Stars and join them at the end of each round ~ until finally, everyone was in the new Fourth Point, except for the Pure EL, Pure AN and Pure RA who remained ~ standing by themselves in the position where their Stars had been. It felt very triggering and poignant to see the three of them all by themselves. Finally, they also joined the Fourth Point. The Stars of the EL•AN•RA had been dissolved and the New Reality of the Fourth Point was all that remained. It was a deeply transforming experience for all of us.

• • • •

These EL•AN•RA Photo Journeys are longer than usual to give you the opportunity to fully experience the energies of what occurred during this momentous time. The ripples and waves that were set forth during our four days of Ceremonies from October 19 – 22, will now grow ever stronger and travel even further.

• • • •

We had a brilliant group of participants. They came out of deep love for humanity and for our planet. It wasn’t easy for many of them to travel so far ~ leaving their family and jobs, raising the money to pay for their travels. They came because of LOVE and DEDICATION and they came with much COURAGE. THEY CAME FOR ALL OF US!

With deepest gratitude to: Sebastian and Christian of Germany. Indigo, Craig, Celestiani, Kalasara, Makaya and Julianna of the US, El Aa Ra of Australia, Antara of Austria, Omashar of UK and Kauai, Petra of the Czech Republic, Ongralea of Taiwan and Canada, Gabriel, Eugenia, Path and Nora of Argentina, Ankasha of Mexico, Jennifer of Italy and Emanaku and Solara of the Heart of AN.

With special thanks to our brilliant photographers: Anani, Ankasha, Aten AN, El Aa Ra, Emanaku, Kalasara, Ongralea, Petra, Sebastian.

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