October’s EL•AN•RA Ceremonies at the Heart of AN: The Sacred Lake of RA ~ Laguna Qoricocha – Part One

I don’t make ceremonies unless they are real. I never do them just for show. And these EL•AN•RA CEREMONIES, as well as the 11:11 Activations, were all very REAL.

It had been raining a lot before our ceremonies. We were especially worried about getting to Qoricocha since it’s on top of a mountain and the road washes out. The best we could do is see an umbrella over the road to keep it dry.

We had decided to change the order that we visited the lakes this time. Instead of going to EL, AN, RA, we were going to EL, RA and AN. Fortunately, the day we had chosen was the one day without rain that they had in a week.

We departed the Heart of AN at 9:00 in the morning and had agreed to meet the President of Qoricocha in the small town at the base of the mountain. He informed us that the shortest route up the mountain was full of mud and that we had to follow him on a route that was twice as long.

Coincidentally, this longer route went right by his house where he stopped to drop off a chain saw and picked up his wife. Because of this unexpected detour, we arrive at the lake at exactly 11:11! This makes it three times that we have arrived at Qoricocha at exactly 11:11. Quite amazing!

Our ceremonies were similar in form at each of the sacred lakes, yet each one felt quite different because the energies of each lake was so different.

• • • •

These EL•AN•RA Photo Journeys are longer than usual to give you the opportunity to fully experience the energies of what occurred during this momentous time. The ripples and waves that were set forth during our four days of Ceremonies from October 19 – 22, will now grow ever stronger and travel even further.

• • • •

We had a brilliant group of participants. They came out of deep love for humanity and for our planet. It wasn’t easy for many of them to travel so far ~ leaving their family and jobs, raising the money to pay for their travels. They came because of LOVE and DEDICATION and they came with much COURAGE. THEY CAME FOR ALL OF US!

With deepest gratitude to: Sebastian and Christian of Germany. Indigo, Craig, Celestiani, Kalasara, Makaya and Julianna of the US, El Aa Ra of Australia, Antara of Austria, Omashar of UK and Kauai, Petra of the Czech Republic, Ongralea of Taiwan and Canada, Gabriel, Eugenia, Path and Nora of Argentina, Ankasha of Mexico, Jennifer of Italy and Emanaku and Solara of the Heart of AN.

With special thanks to our brilliant photographers: Anani, Ankasha, Aten AN, El Aa Ra, Emanaku, Kalasara, Ongralea, Petra, Sebastian.

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