Breathing in at The Heart of AN

There’s a deep sense of quiet at the Heart of AN. This is true even when we are all busy, which is most of the time. It feels like there is something huge waiting for us, just behind a curtain. And although it can’t yet be seen, it is strongly felt and affects everything.

Last week, the river rock paths from our house to the car and around the new building were completed. They look beautiful and feel as if they have always been here. We absolutely love them and even coming downhill from the car to the house, they are not slippery in the rain. Eloy also built his first river rock canal which leads the rainwater from around our house into the acequia canal. He did a very good job for his first attempt.

It’s interesting how having these new river rock paths has deepened the grounding of the Heart of AN energy here. There’s really a quite noticeable difference. The paths feel strong and gentle at the same time. AN is now “set into stone” and we can really feel it.

We made several small journeys last week to Ollantaytambo, Urubamba and two trips to Cuzco. It’s interesting to see how enthusiastic everyone here is about Christmas. I remember when I lived in Peru in 1972 and 1973 that Christmas was practically outlawed and few celebrated it.

We’re in the midst of riding such a huge creative surge and have so much work to do that our only Christmas activities this year are buying small gifts for Eloy, German and Justo and a bit of Christmas baking. No decorations are needed, nor are gifts, since simply living here is the greatest present of all. We are grateful to be here each and every day.

But we do send you, our magnificent Family of AN, huge LOVE, JOY, and HEART OF AN BLESSINGS!!!!

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