Sacred Pause at The Heart of AN

We had a peaceful week at the Heart of AN until Christmas Eve. That night while we were marveling at the very potent Full Moon, Eloy our guardian came over and told us that one of our drunken neighbors had threatened to rob us that very night!

While aware that usually robbers don’t announce their intentions in advance of their crimes, we went into high alert and spent a restless night listening for any unusual sounds. We also strengthened the resonance of Trueness throughout our land.

Fortunately, a few years ago we decided to no longer celebrate Christmas so we were able to spend a quiet day recovering from our lack of sleep without having to do anything special.

Since then, we’ve been busy cleaning the house to prepare it for the entrance of the New Year. We really love the time of Sacred Pause between Christmas and the New Year. Eloy is cementing the stone foundations of our sections of metal fence to make it more secure. And I’ve been writing the Year 2016 Surf Report which I hope to get done today or tomorrow.

We are very excited about the arrival of 2016. It feels like many things will click into position in the New Year.

We send you much Love and wish you the fulfillment of your Wildest Dreams in 2016. May we all live True Lives as True Ones!

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