Here comes the Labyrinth at the Heart of AN!

Much of the focus this past week was on finalizing the design for our AN• Labyrinth so we could begin creating it. We ordered more river rocks and Eloy is already busy putting them into position to delineate the paths. We are going to have German create the AN Circle in the middle of the labyrinth and he will start on it next week. It will be made of cement, solid glass blocks and colored glass tiles. This weekend I will have to create the design for it.

Emanaku finalized the design for the roof of the AN•Chakana. I first saw the design just by looking at the chakana, but couldn’t draw what I had seen. Fortunately, Emanaku has great skills into bringing these preliminary visions into form. We are a great designing team! German will build the roof as soon as he finishes the labyrinth.

We also bought some new fruit trees this past week, bringing our total to: 3 limes, 2 oranges, 1 fig, 1 avocado and 3 grenadine vines. Now we just have to wait for a year or two for our fruit! Too bad we didn’t have time to do this when we first bought the land.

For the past few days, I’ve had some vertebrae out of place in my neck which is rather painful, so have been definitely slowed down. Fortunately, today Eloy gave me a herbal mixture that he made from healing herbs on our land to put on my neck later this afternoon.

Other than that, all is well. We are happy, busy and deeply fulfilled to live here in the New Reality.

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