It’s Never Boring at The Heart of AN!

It was a very full week here. Steady progress was made at our casita, AN•Wasi. In addition, the front of our house got the beginnings of a grassy lawn and a condor paid us a visit.

Condor sightings are quite rare in the Sacred Valley and are treated with much respect by the local people. When the condor appeared, all work stopped and everyone watched it fly back and forth in majestic circles above the mountain ridge right next to our house. Justo came over to let us know so we wouldn’t miss it. The condor was here for quite a while, flying in cycles all along the top of the mountain.

We also had to deal with a lot of Ho’o Pono Pono this week. There were several things that needed to be repaired or made right. A bathroom cupboard door warped and won’t open. The knob on a window fastener broke off and needs to be replaced. The intercom at the front entrance stopped working. We also discovered that there are leaks in part of the roof of our casita caused by a partial delivery of inferior quality tiles. Our tile supplier quickly came all the way from Cuzco and replaced the bad tiles with new ones of a much better quality. But of course, now we have to pay extra to have Victor and his workers replace the tiles.

In the afternoon of the 23rd, we gave Christmas presents to all the construction crew. Since they had already been festively celebrating the holidays by drinking chicha for a few hours, it became quite a love fest. Hugs with everyone myriad times, numerous kisses on cheeks, shaking hands, more hugs, speeches by everyone thanking each other, more kisses on cheeks, hugs, shaking hands, more thanking each other, hugs, kisses, kisses, hugs, etc. So much love and gratitude expressed by all of us. It was quite adorable and very touching, actually!

After a busy Christmas Eve going to the Santuranticuy Artesonia’s Feria in Cuzco, we had a very quiet Christmas here. No presents, no Christmas decorations or tree, no special meal and it felt just perfect. I’ve had some quite painful, misplaced vertabrae in my neck all week which I feel has to do with releasing some very ancient energies before the new year begins, so a quiet Christmas was just perfect.

Now we are in the Sacred Pause before the beginning of a New Year. We are both somewhat exhausted from all our massive labors of this year, birthing the Heart of AN and just want to be super still and contemplative. Even so, there is always much that we need to do, so we try to do it slowly and steadily. Little by little. Poco a poco.

Wishing you all a super magnificent, Beyond Your Wildest Dreams New Year, with an Abundance of Love from us at the Heart of AN. ♥ ♥ ♥

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