Recalibrating the Heart of AN

July was a rather intense month and August will most likely be even more intense. Because of this, it feels like time to recalibrate everything. This is what I’ve been doing, bit by bit. Cleaning our house, shelf by shelf, room by room. Moving things around. Making piles of stuff that we don’t need, to either give away or sell. It feels good to do this, even though it’s going at a slow, but steady pace. All of this is happening so we can better anchor the New Reality both within ourselves and at the Heart of AN.

While I’ve been recalibrating and resetting, Emanaku has been busy at his computer where he finally finished the registration forms for our exciting, Special Events in October. The Cards of AN Master Class and The Conclave of the Family of AN. The Registration Form is now online at

For the past week, the air here has occasionally been smoky from fires of nearby farmers burning their fields, a fire on the mountain in Calca, as well as some wildfires coming all the way from the selva (rainforest). We really look forward to clean air again!

Monday, August 1st was the Andean New Year so we once again walked around the land and around all our buildings making offerings to Pachamama of wine and pika pika. This year we were four persons, plus two dogs. It always feels good to do this.

Happy Andean New Year to beloved Pachamama and to all of our magnificent 11:11 Family of AN!

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