We had an amazing Conclave of the Family of AN. Much of what we did, was not photographed, since we were all involved in the ceremonies which took place daily. Everything was also of such a level that much of what we did was not meant to be photographed, or even described.

On the final day of the Conclave, we made a ceremony dedicated to the Kayumari ~ the blue deer of the Huichols in Mexico. The Kayumari is the guardian of the doorways between worlds, known as the Nierikas. Because they know how to travel through all the worlds, we asked them to find the right people to make a film of my book, “The Legend of Altazar”. We created a Dance of the Kayumaris for this purpose.

Later that day, we made another ceremony for the Jewels in the Crown and place them into the AN•Chakana. It felt really good to do this. Yet, the process of putting the Jewels into the Crown still doesn’t feel complete. My feeling is that we need between 22 – 44 people to do this correctly. Perhaps, next year at the Conclave….

October’s Conclave was a good beginning. It was extremely fun, deep and transforming. We greatly expanded the energy of the New Reality of AN and felt it go all over the world. And we love hearing from people who felt it on the other side of the world!

This is the final part of this Photo Journey of the Conclave of AN. We have made new videos of the 11:11 and AN Mudras, as well as the Silent Watchers and Pa’a which will be online this week. We also have some amazing, new drone footage of the Heart of AN coming soon.

We hope that you can feel the energy of what was accomplished here during the Conclave, and feel the expanded New Reality of AN.

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