The Flowering of The Heart of AN

It was another busy week of action at the Heart of AN. The most noteworthy addition were the gorgeous new flowers at AN•Wasi.

Flowers have such an immediate effect at transforming energy. As soon as we unloaded the car, all other work stopped and everyone gathered around to admire the plants. Flowers were planted on either side of the stone steps, above the stone wall in our parking area, and on two sides of the ramada. Although our car was completely filled up with flowers, we still need to buy some more.

We also experienced some challenges and setbacks this week. The design of AN•Wasi’s balcony railings didn’t turn out as we wanted it to. But I’m sure that we can transform it into something beautiful. The interior yeso plaster at the guardian casita started cracking and had to be replaced.

Last Sunday, we awoke at 6:00 am to hear sounds of people in the cornfield next door to our house. There were about ten men there with machetes who were hastily hacking down a few rows of corn. Corn robbers! Ladrones de maiz!! Apparently this occasionally happens when small gangs of men from the nearby town of Calca go out into the countryside and steal corn so they can sell it on the streets as cooked corn on the cob. (delicious choclos con queso!) Today, we finally see the humor in this, (and as crimes go, stealing corn isn’t anywhere near the top of the list of wicked crimes), but when it was happening, it felt like a very rude awakening on our precious Sunday.

Later that day, we discovered that another neighbor’s two bulls, who just happen to be the absolutely cutest toros we have ever seen, had eaten about 100 meters (yards) of the pink flower plants that we planted over a year ago on our metal fence so we could have more privacy. It was kind of a rough Sunday for us.

This week, we are still experiencing occasional glitches and reroutings. But they aren’t throwing us off of balance. We flow like water and continue to move deeper into the New Landscape. ♥

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