A New TIMELESS TRUE WORLD Emerges at the Heart of AN!

We are still on a super Fast Track at the Heart of AN. This is one powerful creative surge! Last week, with German and his crew, major progress took place in the area of our new vegetable garden. What was a complete surprise is how deeply the energy is transforming there. It is becoming far more than a mere garden area. It is turning into an utterly stunning Timeless True World. Everyone here feels it and it’s a great addition to the Heart of AN. An entirely new sector of the New Landscape is being revealed.

German is supposed to return next week. If he comes, we will be able to finish putting the tiles on top of the circles of the garden and paint our garden seats. We will also create the rest of the water canals.

The Alpacas of AN are such a continuous joy to be around. Newly planted grass for them is already beginning to come up next to the vegetable garden. Roberto is still clearing out the old grass in the fairyland and hopefully next week, we can plant more new grass there for the alpacas.

My new book is now 387 pages and flying along, whenever I have time to write it. Emanaku and I have just swapped computers. He now has my newer one which is better for him to work on videos and I have an older one with a larger screen.

Next week, we will try to get as much done as possible so I can write the September Surf Report before a group arrives from Austria to spend a few days here. We also have a group from Singapore which will coming for a visit in mid month. Our drawbridge is tumbling down, whether or not, we feel ready for it.

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