A New, True Year Begins at The Heart of AN

No photos last week as I was in the midst of my annual New Year’s marathon of writing two Surf Reports: one for the Year 2015 and one for January. But even though I was glued to my computer, much progress was taking place at the Heart of AN.

The yeso is now complete at AN•Wasi and the shower area has been cemented. Most of the work there this past week was in preparing the sewage system. Next week, the pastillero tile floors will be installed downstairs, plus the kitchen counters will be made. Tiles might be put into the bathroom and kitchen, but first we need to go to Cuzco and buy some more tiles. We also have to buy a toilet, kitchen sink, bathroom sink, stove, refrigerator. hot water heater and cistern.

As soon as the yeso is dry, the upstairs bedroom will be painted white. Then Emanaku will install a natural bamboo floor, just like in our house. Aristo is at work creating the beautiful casita doors which should be ready next week for us to add the mirror pieces and glass pellets.

As our own house settles with gravity, there have been numerous small cracks in the yeso, which are now being repaired. First they dig out the area around the crack, making it much larger, then they fill it with new yeso. A few days later, the yeso is sanded and finally repainted. During this process, we have to move the furniture out of the way and take everything off the walls and nichos. It’s very messy, but a good recalibration.

Emanáku has drawn up the plans so we can begin construction of a small guardian / gardener casita next week.

And we have been designing a super special AN Tawa Chakana which we will have built somewhere on the land in cement, rocks and tiles. This will be the AN version of the Inka chakana and will be interactive, rather than merely decorative. We will use it during special ceremonies here and I’m sure that visitors to the Heart of AN will love it. Working on this is very exciting as it triggers our internal knowingness of how to activate the Towers of Light of AN.

Thank you all for your continuing support of the Heart of AN. The combination of your support and my mounting credit card debt is enabling us to still go forward Building the New and Manifesting the AN energies on the physical. There is still much more to do.

Here’s the link to our Heart of AN Donations page: https://anvisible.com/donate/

With AN LOVE to you all,



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