AN•TAWA CEREMONIES 2 • Day 2 — More Preparations

On our second day of preparations, we painted our Drums of AN. This is always a collaboration between the Keeper of the Drum, the Drum itself and the AN energies. The theme is the Sun and Moon as One Being. It is fun to watch the design emerge.

After lunch, we ceremonially filled bottles of water that would be offerings to two Sacred Lakes. Later that afternoon, we took our family of Drums of AN to the Tower of Light where they were properly introduced. We always do this before they can be played. It’s an amazing experience when our Drums of AN enter the Eleven Concentric Circles there, each of us stepping closer to the center one at a time. It always triggers deep remembrances of the Timeless True Worlds.

Now our two days of preparation were over and we were ready for the AN•TAWA Ceremonies to begin.

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