AWAKENING THE WHITE DRAGON — The Homeward Journey — January 22 — 24, 2024

The Homeward Journey
January 22 — 24, 2024

We departed Japan on the morning of January 23. Two long flights later, we spent the next night at the airport in Lima, Peru, until our 5:30 am flight on January 24 to Cuzco. We were extremely tired as we rarely sleep on airplanes and had never adjusted to Japanese Time. We also were both sick with bronchitis.

Now, there was only the hour and a half drive to the Sacred Valley. This is when we were astounded to see a never ending succession of White Dragon clouds all the way home! We had never seen clouds like this before and it was quite a welcome!
Arriving home, the Heart of AN had never been more beautiful. Everything was so soft and sweet with a gentle misty rain. We felt as if we’d been deposited in a completely new reality.

Three days later, Katrin returned to Germany after spending three months at the Heart of AN. Her loving presence here is what made it possible for us to go to Japan and we are deeply grateful to her.

Since then, we have been focusing on catching up on our sleep and integrating the energies of everything we have experienced. This has been a slow process as the White Dragon energy is beyond anything we have ever known. It’s completely different than the White Dragon energies we knew before.

We haven’t gone out much and are staying as quiet as possible. But this is our final Photo Journey!

Tomorrow we will post the exquisite, 11 minute long Ceremonial Version of the SONG OF THE WHITE DRAGON.
As you watch it, you will feel what was accomplished as the White Dragon fully awakened.

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