November and December’s Deep Challenges at the Heart of AN!

The past two months were the most difficult that we have been through in a long time. This period was one of Shock upon Repeated Shock ~ never giving us time to recover from one shocking event to the next. Reading what happened here might be upsetting, so feel free to skip it. But this is a raw and honest report of what we experienced….

On November 1, our beloved Tawani made her transition into the Starry Realms. Emanaku was in Germany at the time, but fortunately our dear friend Ankasha was with me. After she was buried on the land, I sat nearby and sent her my love while doing the Sun • Moon • AN Meditation. That’s when I saw Tawani come to me in spirit form and nuzzle my face with her soft fur, bidding farewell. It was very poignant.

That very day, a huge caterpillar machine arrived and with lots of noise began to tear up the land right next to us. At least twenty truckloads of large stones were removed; the trucks also destroyed several water canals. This upheaval continued for the next three weeks, as the magical orchard of peach and pear trees on that land was roughly ripped up by the roots. It felt brutal.

Emanaku returned home on November 7 and Ankasha departed on the 8th. On the 11th, Tracey arrived from the US for a three day retreat at AN•Wasi. On her final day here, we were about to have lunch at our house, when she decided to return to AN•Wasi to get an avocado. That’s when she discovered that the pump house next to it was on fire! Luckily, we had a fire extinguisher nearby and quickly put the fire put out, but not before it destroyed our water pump. It turns out that some mice had made a nest in our hot water heater. How fortunate that most of the pump house was saved by an avocado!

While we were waiting for everything to be repaired, we had to cancel our next guests, although the amazing Lisa of New Zealand did get a reading with the Cards of AN. Meanwhile, Emanaku began facilitating a brilliant, month long, online Master Class on the Cards of AN in German.

We’ve been doing lots of needed maintenance here during this time, although there is still much more to do. The doors to Kusi•Wasi that had shrunk during the dry season were expertly repaired by our master carpenter Aristo. A few days later, the hinges of our main entrance gate broke and the gate was barely held in position by a board on the inside. After a few weeks having a precarious front gate barely holding in position, we finally found someone to repair it.

On December 7, Emanaku and I drove up to Yanamayu way up in the mountains where Pedro’s family live, to get another alpaca as a friend for Nima. Pedro’s wife Cecelia chose the beautiful Nisa for us. As we were loading her into the car, she casually mentioned that Nisa was pregnant.

Then on the afternoon of December 10, Asiri was a little wobbly and she had always been in good health. She unexpectedly died that night, which broke our hearts. The next morning, I renewed my search to find a veterinarian who specialized in alpacas. We had been searching for this since we got our first alpaca.

After a fruitless internet search, I send a desperate message to a small animal vet in Cuzco whose name had randomly appeared on my computer screen. Amazingly, he answered me right away, giving me the name of an alpaca veterinarian in Cuzco! The alpaca expert agreed to come here in the afternoon. Shortly after that, Cecelia arrived and took a quick glance at Kukuli and noticed that she had a fever.

The veterinarian arrived in the early afternoon and gave Kukuli an antibiotic, but it was too late and Kukuli died an hour later. He said that they both had died from sudden lung infections and that this was a common occurrence. This was very hard on everyone here ~ for Asiri and Kukuli were greatly loved. But they loved each other very much, so we understand why they wanted to be together.

During our search for an alpaca veterinarian, we had found some expert shearers. They arrived on December 15 to shear Nima, Rit’i and No’e who all needed it. In the midst of the shearing session, Nisa went into labor ~ a few weeks early. It was good that the shearers were here because they helped with the birth. The little boy cria was named Siku. He was so sweet and pure, but even though he tried to stand up, he could not walk. Plus, his mother Nisa had no milk. Fortunately, a friend had brought us goat colostrum last October, so we had something to feed him.

After the shearing, Don Pedro, an Alto Miskayoq from the island of Amantani in Lake Titicaca arrived to make a despacho ceremony for Pachamama for the purpose of protecting our alpacas. The ceremony lasted for several hours, but sadly, the sweet baby Siku died the next day. Afterwards, our new alpaca Nisa’s health started to fail quickly. We had both of our two new alpaca veterinarians come to look at her. For five days, Emanaku bottle fed her every hours with nutrients, but even after giving her much love and attention, she died on December 26.

So now, there were only three alpacas left: Nima, Rit’i and No’e. The three of them have now bonded into a close group. We are giving them lots of love and extra alfalfa. Emanaku and I limped into the new year, feeling broken, with much sadness and exhaustion. Our hearts cracked wide open.

Then as the Year 2020 arrived, everything began to flip over and a whole New World began to appear!


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